Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pinched from olsens anonymous

i really love ashley olsen. you just don't understand. i saw this on olsens anonymous and i was pleasantly surprised, and i decided that i had to share it with you all.
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Ashley Olsen stripped down to strike a few moody poses for the upcoming Summer issue of V MAN, which hits newsstands this Thursday. She chatted with Marc Jacobs about her forthcoming men's collection for The Row, and the two designers also touched on her work ethic and the differences between her and Mary-Kate.
On doing a "celebrity line": "The way I look at it, I had a career as a child. I had a career in an industry in which the media kind of. . . they're obsessed with the young girl thing. But when I turned 18, I moved to New York, and I haven't really done anything to be a celebrity. I've been transitioning from acting as a kid to doing something that I'm choosing for myself — to be a part of the fashion industry. . . the outside perception is very different because you do have celebrity brands, people like Jessica Simpson and Kimora Lee Simmons, and those are celebrity brands because they have their names on them."
On working with Mary-Kate: "The Row is really something that I'm doing while my sister still wants to focus on acting. She's my partner in The Row, but she trusts me with the every day. I mean, I see her like ten times a day."
On being different from her twin sister: "When I was 14, 15, 16, 17, it was harder because the two of us were still very similar. We had to work through what's special about us, and then the media had to work through it. . . I've never been one to engage the media to say that I'm different. I actually did the opposite and I totally went internal. I was like, "See y'all!" I want to be behind the scenes, and I don't want people to know anything about my personal life. I have a job, I take it very seriously, and I work really hard."


  1. That's such a new look for her. When I was just looking at the post, and skipped over the title and I seriously didn't know who that was at first. I don't really know how I feel about it though. It almost seems wrong for her face shape, and makes her look like someone's mother. But I love the styling.

  2. Can't believe I am about to say this but ... I like it!

  3. I heart Ashley's new look, I'm so pleased she's starting to shake off her purer-than-thou image and sexed up her persona!


  4. Though I believe it's a wig(?) I love her as a brunette. I thoroughly enjoyed the editorial. Thank you for reposting love.

    KISS, China L.

  5. Thanks for sharing:)
    Never been a huge fan of those girls, but this is really cool. Love it:)


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