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bebe loves balmain and alexander mcqueen


i love when i can recognize direct runway inspiration from designer runway shows in retail shops that a lot of women like to frequent. bebe loves to take inspiration from the runway and i smiled when i saw their sequin beaded ruched lace top for $89. it instantly reminded me of the beautiful balmain creation you can see to the left. selita ebanks looked great in that dress, you can see a picture of her in it in the top 10 best dressed celebs list on this site. bebe has also taken inspiration from the genius that is alexander mcqueen. they have made their own versions of his studded platform booties that go for around $1000. you can get the same look for $149 from i really love these shoes and want then in the black, silver and grommet versions.

so, which do you prefer? the knock off or the real thing?

usually when i do posts like this you prefer the real thing. for me, i prefer the real balmain dress and for the alexander mcqueen booties...if i was paying i'd just get the bebe versions because they're just as good even if the heel is slightly thicker than the mcqueens.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what to wear: back to school fall 2009

so school has started for many of you already, and school started for me on monday. so far, so good...but that's because i haven't received any homework or tests yet. soon enough i'll be up to my ears in work. i still have one more class where i have yet to meet my teacher. hopefully that goes well!

anyway, in this entry you'll find back to school friendly outfits for those of us who are high school students and then for trhe collage gals out there. in high school there is a lot you can get away with (wild mismatching with prints and colors) and a lot you can't get away with (cleavage, showing too much leg)...of course, this is if you don't wear a uniform and your dress code isn't too harsh. at the same time, keep in mind that you're a young teenager...there is no need to go to school in 5 inch heels, showing lots of leg and having your chest hang out for all to see. even for college students, i don't recommend going to class like that...because it's distracting and might even be uncomfortable. but then again, fashion really doesn't have any rules. just keep in mind that you don't want to turn any people off to you (especially your teachers) before the year has even started!

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the young and fresh look is for the high school newbies or any highschooler who is starting to experiment with fashion and is going for a clean and easy to attain look. you'll be guarenteed to look sharp and classically cool in a dark blazer, a white top, and dark wash boot cut jeans. you can't go wrong with this look, unless you ruin it with your posture! always remember to stand up straight :)

for the girl who identifies herself as sweet but sassy we know that your style is far from boring; while you wear classic pieces you always spice up your outfit with something fun and you take pride in being original and having pieces that others own. the best place to find pieces that others don't own is thrift stores! i love shopping there, you can always find something at a thrift store. i was able to find a really cute and original outfit from one of my fave sites to go to: it has a great selection of clothes, it reminds me of forever 21 but with a bit more edge and original pieces. you'll look ultra cute in the purple low layer dress with a chic black belt. carry your books in style with the beautiful lilac weave pocket purse.

the rocker chick look is definitely in. if you're rockin and rebellious the high school hallways are your runway and you want everyone looking at you. you're not afraid of trying new things and are excited that the rock chic look is in this fall. mix prints by wearing a trendy off the shoulder zebra screenprinted top paired with fun leopard leggings. add some height, but keep comfortable and school appropriate with wedge heels!

do you have to wear a school uniform?

spice up your look by trying out different hairstyles. try high buns/high ponytails, waved hair, etc. accessorize with fun earrings and bracelets, wear colored tights or knee socks if allowed, change the color of the laces in your shoes, cinch your vest with a belt, and wear your look with confidence!



the fashion style that fits me when it comes to school is definitely cute but comfy. i am no sex bomb, and although i do consider myself a fashionista...i'm no victoria beckham! if you too classify yourself as cute but comfy does this define you?: you're in college and you're loaded down with an inconvenient schedule and a heavy courseload (like me :/) and your number one priority when it comes to clothes is that they need to be comfortable. however, you don't want to be in school looking like you just rolled off of the couch after pulling a late nighter (even if you did). if you wear makeup, keep it light and fresh--using concealer to hide dark circles and annoying blemishes.

rompers are so easy to wear and the florent romper by sunner is soooooo chic and cute. i love everything about it, and would definitely wear it to school. keep your feet comfy with these amazingly adorable marc by marc jacobs miss marc ballet flats. i want to own everything with miss marc on it. i love that character! the rebecca minkoff nikki hobo is a great color and can hold a lot of stuff. it goes well with this outfit and i just love it.

some of you might say just because you're taking a few college courses doesn't mean you have to dumb down your sex appeal. as you girls know you don't have to be naked to be sexy, you just have to wear clothes that fit you and also that complement your skin and hair color, making you glow. if you try too hard to be sexy, EVERYONE will be able to tell. so if you're studious but sexy the outfit in the middle of the collage from bebe and zappos might appeal to you. the top grabs attention with it's stripe of sequins and the pencil skirt hugs in all the right places. for a bit of height try out a metallic wedge sandal.

now, if you have the title of campus fashionista you wear what you want, when you want. temperature, time, trends, don't hold you down. despite all of this you're always looking chic, and when you walk across campus you're the girl that everyone wants to know. i would imagine a campus fashionista wearing something current, timeless, and electrifying. try out the new pant shape with the asos tailored tapered trousers. i looked around forever for the perfect tailored trouser/jodphur kind of pant, and it was so hard to find a pant like that that didn't make your butt look big. this pant doesn't make your butt look big, so go get it! unless your butt if already humongous of course...then don't get it.

the pants would look great with a bright top tucked loosely into it. complement the color scheme of your ensemble with the asos peeptoe slingback high front sandal in grey.

hopefully you enjoyed this! thanks for all of your comments :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

model love: magdalena frackowiak

hey girls,
today i started my fall 2009 semester of college. i have bio class on monday and wednesday mornings and then chemistry class alllllll day (literally, all day) on friday. needless to say...i can't wait until this semester's over! here's to me completing this semester successfully, i can already sense that i'm going to have to work hard at this. anyway, lately i've been falling in love with magdalena frackowiak. when i first saw her in some magazine i didn't think she was special and i wondered why they couldn't have used a better model. now i can see her beauty and i really admire her red carpet style as well. here are a few images of mag.
♥ me

and she's polish if you don't know; she's also an '80s baby.

vogue japan cyber glam january 2009

i-D magazine it's all i ever wanted november 2008

ralph lauren ad campaign f/w 08

numero may 2009 cover

she is ranked #21 on

all images from

alsoooo...thank you so much to little rus from for giving me an award! :)

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fashion news, an award and 5 guilty pleasures

umm, yeah, let's just get right into this post!
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Garance Dore & Vogue Paris

if you don't know who garance dore is, just google her. the whole fashion world is in love with her and her boyfriend the sartorialist, he's known for his streetstyle photos and she's known for her charming drawings and amusing blog entries.

as the years have went by garance has become increasingly famous and liked and this is definitely evidentint he fact that she will be having more frequent contributions on Vogue Paris's website and maybe in the magazine, focusing on the magazine's "Une fille, un style" ("A girl, a style") column, plus "behind-the-scenes coverage of fashion shoots, profiles of stylish women around the world in collaboration with French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and other subjects of her choosing."(according to fashionologie).

in addition to this garance will be launching a line with Gap for their pop-up store next month.

the following is from an article on Vogue UK's online site:

"Keen to stay at the edge of the market for the coming season, Robinson has enlisted the talents of celebrated illustrator and photographer Garance Doré, to curate an exhibition of her own work in its new London pop-up - and a lot else besides.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the label, Gap will make a pop-up appearance in London's Carnaby Street, with a concept store carrying a collection of exclusive denim styles and designer and artist collaborations. Doré has been described as the French version of The Sartorialist - and in fact is the girlfriend of the man himself, Scott Schuman.

"I'm a big fan of Gap; the way they focus on the individuality in their ads and creative collaborations has always attracted me," Doré told VOGUE.COM from holiday this morning. "It's also a place where I buy a lot of clothes, so I was very honoured when they proposed this collaboration - and it seemed super natural for me. I am also very inspired by the 40 years celebration of the brand: the beginning of the Seventies was such a fascinating time for fashion!"

The 1969 Gap concept store opens on September 10 - for 19 days and 69 hours only. Expect exclusives from Pierre Hardy, Albertus Swanpoel and Pharell Williams; jeans in aid of charity for just £19.69; and Doré's beautiful sketches popping up on T-shirts, amongst other fashionable happenings.

want to visit garance dore's internet realm? go to:

Katie Grand (editor in chief of LOVE magazine) thinks wearing white on your wedding day is stupid

she wore a brown snakeskin azzedine alaia dress to her wedding. she said she wanted to wear a dress to her wedding that she could wear again. alright, good for you katie grand, but that doesn't mean you have to write off wearing white on your wedding day. your wedding day is supposed to be special, and so is the dress. of course you can wear your wedding dress again if you want to, i thought you knew that mrs. fashion has no rules! nobody said that wearing a brown snakeskin dress (even if it's azzedine alaia) on your wedding day is stupid, even if they think it is. hmmmph. yes, i am slightly upset over her statement :)

the picture above is of katie grand on her wedding day. she does look good in the dress, no?

Lara Stone goes brunette!

i never imagined lara stone as a brunette, but she sure does look amazing as one! the normally blonde and bleach blonde eyebrowed model lara stone has went to the dark side. she graces the cover of vogue paris's september 2009 issue with beautiful swiss chocolate brown hair and dark eyebrows. she looks so good. this girl is sexy no matter her hair color!

Kanye West is not interning at Gap

Rumors have been going around that Kanye is designing a line for Gap but Patrick Robsinson, who is currently at the Gap helm, says that Kanye is just his friend and likes to hang out at Robinson's workplace and see what he does. Kanye has designed a successful men's shoe collection for Louis Vuitton and is obviously interested in fashion as he has been seen at many shows during fashion week and puts much thought into his outfits/getups.


I received an award from the amazing Anya Caliendo of and she is an AMAZING hat maker! AMAAZZZZINGGGGG! and she's also a very sweet person, one of the nicest people i've met through the blogosphere, even though almost all of the bloggers i've met are sweethearts. also, she recently had a contest on her blog where she was giving away a roberto cavalli skirt. i didn't win the roberto cavalli skirt, but i did win house of dior earrings! i never win ANYTHING. i'm not exaggerating, it's nearly impossible for me to win things, i don't know why...but anyway, i'm so happy to be able to receive the earrings and can't wait until i get them! thank you so much anya.

along with getting the award i have to list 5 guilty pleasures


guilty pleasure # 1

i love this chocolate bar SO MUCH. hershey's cookies 'n' creme is the best! white chocolate with crunchy chocolate cookie bits in it. yummm yummy! you must try it if you have never tasted this little piece of heaven before. i really shouldn't eat these things, my mom says i'm putting on weight and everytime i try to sneak these she manages to see me and then scold me for 5 minutes! she just doesn't understand, they taste so good. ;)

guilty pleasure # 2

hello, my name is zoe and i am addicted to the internet. this is another thing my mom scolds me about. i spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet. if i'm in the house...most likely i'll be on the internet.

guilty pleasure # 3

when i'm older and live on my own, i think that there is a pretty big chance that i might blow all of my money on shoes. slowly, i've been collecting shoes over my relatively few years of life. and guess what? i want more! i love cheap shoes, expensive shoes, colored shoes, printed shoes, high heeled shoes, flat shoes, men's shoes and women's shoes! i love shoes!

guilty pleasure #4

i think i've already mentioned this on my blog before...but, might as well mention it again! i love reality tv shows. love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. even if they're scripted, i just always like peering into somebody's life whether it be a reality tv show where you have to complete challenges or it's one about making it through life/trying to get a job/the fashion industry, etc. i find this funny because i'm not a nosy person, i don't go around asking people about what's going on in their lives and when i visit people's homes i don't rifle through their stuff or look through their medicine cabinet (that's rude!) but i really enjoy peering into the comical and amusing lives of anyone who chooses to take part in a reality tv show/competition.

guilty pleasure #5

singing and dancing to myself in the mirror, sometimes in my underwear but not always hahahaha :). i do it whenever i'm getting dolled up.

hope you enjoyed this gals!

picture credit from onsugar and google images

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forever 21 loves dkny

( side note: i was away from home for a little bit! on a much needed break. lots of things happened, and now i'm back! :) sorry for not replying...i didn't have any internet access or even a computer to go on. but that's a good thing for me, because i'm kind of addicted to the internet :/ anywho, here is a short and sweet entry...hope you enjoy)

i've had a few of these types of entries where i show forever 21 pieces that i have come across that resemble or just remind me of pieces i've seen on the runway. i really love the forever 21 dress featured in this entry and it is not an exact replica of the dkny dress, it differs in color and slightly in construction but it has enough of the main components of the dress to make it have the same fun, exuberant, stylish young feel that the dkny dress does!
♥ me


i really did enjoy the dkny spring 2009 collection. i loved the dot print that was featured many times in the show and the cute sneaker heels (they looked great on the models!) by sergio rossi. the dress is so cute with its navy and yellow polka dot print (the dots are blurred at the edges as are the dots on the f21 dress if you look closely), it's big side bow, short hem and lovely pockets.

the forever 21 dress is tauple and black with a lovely print and side ruching that sweeps into a cute bow. i especially love the bodice and the class it exudes despite it being such a short dress. the f21 creation is only $22.80. i couldn't find the dkny spring 2009 dress anywhere but i'm pretty sure it goes for much more than $22.80. which one would you buy?

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what to wear to a summer wedding

summer's almost over and if you planned on going to a summer wedding it has probably already passed, but august is just as good a month as any to get married and it still takes place during the summer. in summer you have so many possibilities to the kinds of weddings you can have because there is less rain than in spring, it's the warmest season, there's no snow to hinder an outdoor wedding, etc. in this entry you'll see examples of four different weddings that one might attend in the summer. before you go to the wedding you probably don't know what the bride is wearing but you do know where the wedding will take place and if it will be traditional (long dress on bride) or nontraditional (short dress or pants on the bride), and based on that you also know what you should be wearing. enjoy!
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in this wedding the bride is wearing a short dress and black heels with black mesh lace detailing. the bride's garb is enough to cause this wedding to be considered unconventional. the wedding is also indoors so you don't have to worry about your footwear because you know you'll have solid ground to step on. no worries about heels sinking into mud or sand here!, first of all--at a wedding....DO NOT WEAR A WHITE DRESS. it doesn't matter if the bride herself isn't wearing a white dress, YOU should NOT wear a white dress. that will draw attention to yourself and all attention really should go to the bride on her special day. you can wear a white dress any day of the year, just make sure it's not at anybody's wedding.

it is ok to wear a white shirt though. a white blouse paired with a feminine printed skirt is an unstuffy outfit, but still dressy enough for a wedding. add a pop of contrasting color with your accessories; whether it be a colored clutch, earrings or bangles such as the $15 ZADS Bangle set from with a fresh outfit like this, try to keep makeup light.



this wedding is conventional. the bride will be wearing a long, floor-sweeping gown and it will take place indoors. you should probably wear a conservative cocktail style dress, although that is not completely necessary; however it will go alone with the mood of the wedding. i really like this bridal outfit. the betsey johnson dress is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! i love it so much, and the dress looks good on every model i've seen it on (then again, they are models). i love the frilly skirt and the fitted bustier bodice. sexy and girly all at once. vintage jewelry chandelier earrings from kirna zabete go with the dresses perfectly and a veil with a sparkling headpiece, such as ones you can get from add even more sweet whimsy to this bridal look. i also love those johnathan kayne shoes.

follow the mood of the wedding and wear a conservative cocktail dress. this valentino is a standout piece with it's beautiful yellow hue and slight metallic sheen. finish it off with low heeled evening sandals and studs.



in a garden wedding the bride's beauty is enhanced by her surroundings, an exquisite garden. she deson't need to wear a frothy dress that takes up half of the garden (while she can if she wants to), and plus if she wears a dress with a too long train it will pick up grass, leaves, flowers, insects and whatever else is in the garden. most likely the bride will still with a simple white gown, her favorite jewels and a beautiful bouquet, usually very well thought out one such as the amazing rose, dyed calla lily and orchid arrangement above. afterglow cosmetics offers a wide range of makeup, such as mineral foundation, blush, eyeshadows and organic lip stick. all of their products are organic/vegan. their organic lip love lipstick in divine is a great shade.

play up the theme of a garden wedding by wearing a fun floral dress such as the 50s style poppy splash dres from a fun clutch and a fresh fragrance would be in good order as well. and wouldn't you know of clinique happy's ingredients is hawaiin wedding flower! how appropriate :)



beach weddings always sound like they are so fun and romantic. they usually take place during a sunrise or sunset to capture the amazing beauty of the sun on the horizon. the bride will most likely wear a breezy sand sweeping gown or a shorter dress, i think the antique white georgette bridal dress #cm0023 by nicole miller is beautiful. i love the hanging fabric in the middle as that makes the dress look even more flowy. most likely the bride will be barefoot or have her toes out so she should be wearing nice nailpolish or have a great pedicure. some brides will opt for neutral tones and some will opt for brighter tones, such as the beautiful bue shown in the collage. to get that nice bronzy beachy glow the bride should consider laura geller's bronze-n-brighten, it seems to be a great product and is similar to MAC's famous mineralized skinfinishes.

at a beach wedding, don't try to go all victoria beckham (love that lady!) in a fitted cocktail dress and sky high heels: you will sink into the sand, be sweaty and look like a fool. it's a beach wedding, so it doesn't have a super strict/formal dress code. wear a nice skirt that allows you to get some breeze, pair it with a breezy tank/blouse/shirt and make sure to wear flat shoes. wearing heels in the sand really won't get you anywhere.

i hope you enjoyed this entry as much as i enjoyed making it! make sure to have fun and congratulate the bride and groom at any wedding you go to :)

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