Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cheap makeup advocate

if you have the money for higher end make up products, by all means buy them. they all have better color payoff, last longer, and you get more of a tingle when you buy them for some reason. but if you don't have a lot of money (like moi) then you can still indulge in makeup, you'll just be spending less money. i have bought most of my makeup (i don't wear foundation yet but i do have lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and blush, and of course nailpolish) from wet n'd wild. however two of my favorite blushes (the first two that i bought, and i still have because i don't wear makeup often) are from covergirl. recently i've been getting more into makeup (which i seem to say in every post) and i've been bying brushes and looking for more products. wet n' wild has such a great variety of products for SO cheap, and e.l.f has pleasantly surprised me with an amazing mini makeup palette that i try to use as much as reasonably and normally possible. with cheap makeup, as with any makeup, comes dissapointments, and i'll list some of my great cheap makeup joys and dissapointments here.

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wet n' wild megaliner liquid eyeliner

i bought this eyeliner maybe a year or a year and a half ago. maybe even two years ago? i can't remember, but i've had it for some time. it was the first eyeliner i bought for myself, i think. everyone seemed to be using liquid eyeliner and i liked the bold effect it gave so i wanted to try it out. i didn't wear it much, but when i did it lasted. the color goes on well, it lasts for as long as you need it to last (as long as you don't rub your eye, then it can smear), and it comes in a variety of colors. i only tried the black, but many people like the colored versions as well. the only thing i don't like about this product is that it makes it easy to make mistakes. liquid eyeliner is really hard if you're trying it out for the first time and the brush is thin and short and bends in places it shouldn't, but for $1.99 it's a good deal, and the product lasts. it doesn't dry out easily, even if the cap might detach from the brush like mine did.

wet n' wild creme eyeliner

this product comes in two colors: black and eggplant. i have it in black. this liner is absolutely amazing, i love it's creamy consistency and the rich black color it lines my eyes with. it is best applied with an angled eyeliner/shadow brush (i use my ecotools angled liner brush). the product comes with an angled liner brush, but it is VERY VERY hard and stiff and once the liner is in the brush it feels like you're running a cement block over your eyes...so don't use the brush that comes in the box. this wnw product is comparable to MAC's blacktrack gel liner or stila's smudgepot liners. i highly recommend the wet n' wild creme eyeliner! i think it is priced at $2.99.

wet n' wild defining marker

this is a brand new product from wnw. i picked it up last week and i absolutely love it. i've been wanting covergirl's eyeliner marker for the longest time but could never find it and eventually stopped looking for it, so i was thrilled to see this t the wnw stand at my local drugstore. this defining marker gives you a precise line. you can go super thin or super thick. it gives you a rich black color and it's easy to hold and handle! if you want to blend it out, you can but it'd be easier it do that with a brush rather than your finger because this dries quickly. i love this marker and use it every second i get! i love it just a teensy weensy bit more than my creme eyeliner. just an itty bitty bit. it comes in one color: blackest black.

wet n' wild pencil eyeliner

i own this eyeliner in white and charcoal. these colors work fine, but they are hard to blend. i wish they were softer/creamier. however, for the price you get a good product. even though i have dark skin i use the white in my waterline to brighten up my eye and make them look bigger. if i get a flesh toned eyeliner anytime soon i'll use that. white eyeliners can work on any skincolor, however if you're really dark use a light hand with the white eyeliner so that it doesn't look unnatural. these eyeliners are .99 cents!

wet n' wild cream shadows in pop art

i bought this off of my mom because i needed some cream eyeshadows and i tried to use this as a base for my powder eyeshadows. i love the colors in this compact. they all look great on my skintone and i like to use the illuminator on my lips, instead of my cheeks (i have oily skin, so i don't really need illuminator that much. i am perpetually illuminated); it gives my lips a really nice frosty sheen. these cream eyeshadows work best alone, they're not good bases for eyeshadows...they will crease, and they'll crease alone as well...but not as much as if you were wearing powder eyeshadows along with it. if you don't have money for good cream eyeshadows you can buy this...my mom says that revlon's are better. i have yet to try them but my mom loves them and so do a lot of other makeup savvy people. these are $3.99. they are not on the wnw website but i believe you might still be able to find them in some stores.

wet n' wild nailpolishes

great color selection and cheap prices! what more could you ask for? they have some for 99 cents, some for 1.99 and some for 2.99. i have some of their nailpolishes from each collection. i have mystic quartz (a beautiful purple hue) from their cok solid collection which i bought on clearance for $1.49, royal red from their crystalic nail color collection (such an amazing color, if this is the only color you get, get this one), and lavender pearlescent, black creme, top coat and base coat from their wild shine collection.

covergirl cheekers blushes

i got two cheekers blushes from my local drugstore on sale after i found out they were beauty award winning. i see why they won awards! they have great color payoff and the color is buildable. and you get a good amount of blush for your money. but keep in mind i don't use my makeup a lot, anyway they have lasted. i got the blushes in soft sable (a beautiful, shimmery soft brown) and pretty peach (a matte, coraly pink). the applicator that it comes with is pretty effective too. i used that for the longest before i finally got a little makeup brush set.

e.l.f primer and liner sealer

i ordered this in hopes of being able to keep my eyeshadow from creasing with the primer side and being able to make cooler eyeliner from my eyeshadows. none of those hopes have been fulfilled. i guess i was asking too much from a $3 product. however, by spreading the primer side evenly over your eye you can really brighten up your eye area, even if you're not going to be putting eyeshadow over it. the primer side is essentially a concealer for light-medium complexioned individuals. i've decided to not be cheap with eye primer and hopefully i'll be getting urban decay primer potion soon, which if you don't know is amazingly popular and apparently 100% effective at making your eyeshadow vibrant and keeping it from creasing/fading all day.

e.l.f eye shadow brush and blending brush

[e.l.f eyeshadow brush]

i decided to get these because having one eyeshadow brush wasn't enough and i needed a brush to blend out my eyeshadows, especially if i used more than one color. these brushes are AMAZING. they are soft, and they do their job and they're only $1!

e.l.f. mini makeup palette

i received this for free after meeting a quota for an order from eyelipsface (e.l.f.). i am amazed with how pigmented the eyecolors are and the amazing selection of lipcolors in the kit. the blush they have in the kit are cheap dupes of nars orgasm and laguna blush and work fine. they're not the best blushes in the world, but they're pretty good. included is a lip brush, eye shadow applicators and brow powder. what i really love are the eyeshadows and lipcolors. it's new from their studio line and retails for $15.

hope you enjoyed! leave comments, rate/recommend my entry and subscribe if you'd like. toodles :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

christopher kane for topshop/jimmy choo for h&m

i've been super busy, but here's some fashion news for y'all!
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christopher kane will be bringing a 39 piece collection to topshop for this october. most of the pieces are black and grommeted. prices run in the $80-$300 range. so if you've got bucks and you like the christopher kane look, be ready for october 09.

i absolutely love jimmy choo. the shoes, clutches and handbags produced from this brand are to die for. they are all so irresistably sexy and charming. it seems that every creation is so unique. the shoes above are designed specifically for h&m. i am salivating over the black ones. i've never seen shoes like that! i want them sooooooo bad.

the line hits stores on november 14th! be prepared for crazy long lines.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 year anniversary magazine entry!

I can't believe that I've been blogging about fashion for 2 whole years! Time sure does fly when you're having fun. :) Thanks for all of the comments, subscriptions and the support you all have given me as a readers!
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i regularly change the list of our top 10 best dressed celebs, usually twice a year, and it always contains a group of fabulous ladies that i believe look amazing on the red carpet, at press conferences, in magazine editorials and even on the sidewalk. there have been repeats, and regular newcomers (this time is no different). i hope that you love the list, and even if you don't agree with all of my choices i hope you enjoy the style breakdown of these ladies' impeccable style. say goodbye to these top 10 and say hello to your new top 10 by the time you reach the end of this magazine entry. :)

Zoe Kravitz


i absolutely love zoe kravitz! i love her name, i love her hair, i love her cute face, her cool parents, and her AH-MAZING style! zoe kravitz, wherever you are, know that i think you're so cool and also be aware that if i see you walking around anywhere...ever...i will totally geek out on you. so be prepared. anywho, zoe's casual style is quirky and cute, and that doesn't change when she steps out for glamorous events. zoe definitely knows how to glam it up but she never looks too polished, she always has an eclectic vibe to whatever she pieces together and definitely knows how to put her personal stamp on all the looks she wears.

in the day, you could find zoe in floaty tops or dresses, and showing lots of leg (whether encased in tights or bare). to get a zoe-esque day look you could try the mesa pintucked top, madison marcus anthem jacket and siwy camilla cutoff denim shorts (all from shopbop) with comfy flat gladiators and tousled hair.

for night, expect to see zoe in luxe fabrics, whether they're beautifully printed or tantalizingly textured. she would look great in this taupe 3.1 phillip lim sequin covered dress from netaporter paired with these lovely and unique wedges from miu miu. marni earrings add a bit more sparkle and a nice pop of unexpected yellow.

Leighton Meester


i've loved leighton meester's style for the longest while. most of the things she wears on the red carpet, i would wear. for day she loves to wear breezy sundresses and flat shoes. she's not afraid of color for day or night and often squeezes color into her ensembles through bright accessories.

i could so see miss. meester strolling down a sun drenched walkway in this t-bags stone embellished dress for $122.50 from theoutnet.com paired with a large tote (linea pelle dylan large bowler bag), a belt, and bright flats.

for a nighttime event leighton would be cute in this bright salmon confection from asos (although she'd probably be wearing a designer house). i really love the detail, cut and color of this folded silk front dress by asos. the dress would be paired perfectly with leg lengthening nude heels with complementary square frill detail on the heel: asos frill back patent platform peep toe shoes.

leighton isn't afraid to experiment, but also has a classic sensibility to her dressing and that's what i love about her.

Kerry Washington


i love kerry washington. she always looks beautiful, polished, put together, classy and never boring. she can look glamorous, simply chic and edgy. she can do it all. her daytime look is cute and classic, and she doesn't shy away from color (especially for day). i'd love to see her in the hushed hamlet dress from anthropologie. if you want to channel some kerry, i'm sure this dress would look great on you as well. i love the bright coloring of the dress and i know it would be a perfect match with the space between slingbacks and fir & finery drops.

for night, turn up the glam factor a la miss washington in a beautiful celadon js boutique ruched chiffon gown for $178 from nordstrom.com. this color would look great against kerry's skin. pair it with a fun, complementary cuff and sexy dolce & gabbana metallic strappy sandals and you are more than good to go. i absolutely love those dolce & gabbana sandals! look at those dainty ankle and heel straps!

Kate Beckinsale


kate beckinsale set my heart a flutter when she arrived at this year's costume institute gala in a beautiful, sparkling, dusky blue marchesa confection with a skirt that seemed to take up the entire red carpet. she really knows how to wear gowns well.

her daytime style is just as captivating as her nighttime event style. you can find her, more often than not, in floaty peasant dresses, or tops with slouchy pants, cute boots or sandals, and you can bet your life that she'll be wearing big sunglasses. i don't recommend you betting your life, but i'm telling you...she loves wearing big sunglasses anywhere that she goes and she's not on a red carpet. the breezy, summery outfit from revolveclothing.com would look great on her and on you. i love the combination of the minkpink portobello dress and the 8020 sophie hidden wedge thong in thunder.

kate beckinsale loves white gowns, and would look super angelic in this notte by marchesa chiffon column dress. if you want to be like kate, then wear this dress with equally angelic christian louboutin fortuna 120 platform pumps. get an other worldly glow by swirling on some NARS blush in nico for $25 from sephora.

Charlize Theron


charlize theron is such a fashion goddess! i'm sure she'll be on my best dressed celebs list again because she just always looks so dang good.

for day she keeps it relaxed yet chic with long trousers, a roomy blouse, a jacket and a soft scarf as well as a cute and roomy clutch. recreate the look with j brand love story shadow black wash jeans, nation easy scoop neck slub jersey tee, degaine shredded infinity scarf, and stella mccartney foldover patent clutch (all from intermixonline.com).

i am in absolute love with the little ensemble i put together for a look that is reminiscent of something charlize theron would wear for a night event. she wears gowns, cocktail dresses, shifts, whatever, for night events and she always rocks it. but i love when she shows her legs. her skin is always glowing, so the more that she shows of it; the better! she would look stunning in this amazing creation from the great designer graeme black. i love the little silver grommets and the lace up detailing, as well as the beautiful silver belt and peplum on the dress. pair it with the jil sander fringed clutch for 625 pounds from brownsfashion.com as well as mesmerizing dries van noten sandals with metal beads (also from brownsfashion) and you'll be in a look fit for a femme fatale.

Terri Hatcher


a lot of people don't pay attention to terri hatcher's style, but it is rather good. it's a modern romantic style. she's trendy, but not too trendy, and she wears things that make her body look great. for day you can find her in long skirts and tank tops. this look can be easily recreated with pieces from old navy. keep it bright with a color top and a cute matching enamel disk necklace.

to get a teri hatcher inspired night look, shimmy yourself into what i like to call a hot tamale dress. this dolce & gabbana bicolor ruched strapless dress from bergdorf goodman is perfect. i love the look of those nude pumps from victoria's secret: they could really lengthen your legs. to get silky locks like terri's run some fekkai coiff perfecteur anti-frizz silkening creme through your hair before, or after straightening it.

Ashley Olsen


by now you should know that ashley olsen is my fave olsen twin. if you don't know by now...you must be very unobservative or a new reader. ashley can be tastefully eclectic and is always classy; whether she's stomping down the pavement during a starbucks run, after a meeting, or wherever or being photographed at a ritzy event. like mary-kate, she loves to wear vintage clothes rather than current designer creations and looks great in them.

to re-create an ashley day look all you need are some skinny jeans, a jacket (a leather one or a blazer), a loose shirt (preferably grey or white), a scarf and some awesome shoes. try a piece from the elizabeth and james shoe collection. i'm loving the elizabeth and james luella high heel gladiator bootie for $325 from shopbop.com.

for a night look go for a fresh, vintage look (like kate beckinsale, ashley likes white gowns) with this adam lace long dress for $425 paired with the stoned and waisted black leather laser-cut belt for $174 from farfetch.com and LOTS of rings. keep the makeup fresh and the hair tousled. for the day look you can use the bumble & bumble surf spray, and if you want you can use it for night as well.

Lucy Liu


lucy liu is such a darling. she always looks so pretty and cute. they should make a lucy liu doll, but it wouldn't be half as gorgeous as her! lucy, like the other ladies on this list isn't afraid to take risks but still has classic undertones to her style of dressing. yes she'll take a risk, but you'll never see her in an orange fleuroescent patent leather sculptural dress. because that's not a classy risk. you've got to keep it classy gals. it's just that simple.

i loved her when she dazzled in white giambattista valli, and i think she'd look captivating--as would you-- in a slinky zac posen dubloon knit dress and fun proenza schouler speckled pumps (don't you just love the heel?). the david yurman white mosaic drop earrings are gorgeous and pick up the light accents in this ensemble.

keep it casual like miss liu in black leggings, a colored drapey top and a cute necklace. the outfit from wetseal is cheap, yet comfy and stylish.

Eva Mendes


eva mendes always looks perfect and sexy. that's why i love her.

i would soooooooooooooooo wear most of the things she is photographed in. gosh, i love this lady.

i could so see her (and me) in the casual ensemble from forever 21. the lizbeth floral chiffon tunic would make such a darling, floaty mini dress and the celeste o-ring sandal and vintage faux leather tote are the perfect bohemian accessories.

for nighttime events eva mendes loves to show a bit of leg and wears lots of dreses that nip in at the waist. she would glow in the barneys new york strapless party dress in hot pink paired with scintillating lanvin pointed toe pumps in pink. get her glow with NARS bronzing powder in irresistblement for $30 from barneys.com.

Kate Moss

kate moss has been everywhere lately, what with her wildly successful collections for topshop, her renewed popularity as a supermodel, her much coveted street style and her appearance at marc jacobs' side at the costume institute gala. this woman has turned from just a model to a mogul and her style is envied and imitated by many women.

for day, try the kate look above. all items provided for from topshop. kate loves her aviators and the oversize metal aviator for $30 from topshop.com is a great finish to the casual ensemble.

for special events kate likes the simply elegant look. she looks great in long, flowing gowns in light colors. i could see her in this blue jersey knit evening dress by bcbg max azria from edressme for $378. as the current face of versace, along with gisele, i'm sure she has a sample of versace bright crystal (if not the whole bottle) somewhere. i'm sure it smells good, and the bottle is so pretty, no? for the subtle kate glow dust some pearl gold makeup forever star powder all over.



every western society lady has a place in fashion. there are the french gamines, the london rebels and classic english roses and then there is the fresh faced american. pure american style is fresh, straight forward and simple. french couturiers of old scoffed at american women's "sporty" style, but this casual style of dressing is elegant and fresh and embraced by american women as well as women in general. american style allows women to be dressed comfortably and still be considered graceful and beautiful.

the collage provides an expensive and a cheaper alternative for the all american day look and an expensive and a cheaper alternative for an all american eveing look. for day, a white button up and crisp shorts are perfect. finish off with a pop of color that be found in red flats or a colorful scarf.

for evening the look to the left is super elegant, yet so simple. it consists of a beautiful red one shoulder column dress from calvin klein, silver sandals and majorca pearl drop earrings. finish off with a fresh, invigorating scent to match the essence of your look: origins ginger essence sensuous skin scent.

a younger, funner and slightly more detailed (but still all american) look for evening can be found in a short, strapless orange polka-dotted frock and nude heels with fun metallic accents. a perforated metal bangle finishes off the look.

do you dress according to classic american style?


i stumbled across hanneli's site a little while ago and loved her quirky style. she's gorgeous and fun and i love visiting her blog. you can visit her too at www.hanneli.com

here is an interview hanneli did with guestofaguest.com and a few images of her.

image from elle norway

How long have you been New York and what part of town do you live in ?
I moved to New York in 2004 and lived here for a year. Then I went back to Norway for a week just to see my family before going to Milan for work. While home I met the guy that a month later would be my boyfriend , and the love of my life. Now we have been together for 3.5 years, so I moved back home and took a break from modeling and started studying. Now we commute between Norway and New York for months at a time. I feel like we get the best out of both places. We rent for now, and I love getting to know the different neighborhoods in the city. My favorites so far would be the west village and the lower east. Least favorite would be Midtown.

What do you do for employment?
I used to model with Supreme models and later Ford models, but to be able to start a career with something else I found I had to quit completely, so I could use my time to start to pursue something for my future. Modeling in New York takes up so much time, castings take forever and it’s hard to plan anything else as work comes suddenly or in periods. In Norway I get direct bookings which makes it easier to concentrate on other things. Now I want to assist fashion photographers.I have assisted one already and I love it! It feels great learning something I have always loved and to actually get my fingers dirty. I’m used to being the first to leave a studio after work, now I’m the last, as assistants have to do back ups and collect the photographer’s equipment.

I was kind of thrown into modeling, it was never my dream to be one, but when I got my chance I really made myself deserve it. I have worked very hard and given it my all and have had so much fun with it. I think modeling gives amazing work ethics, cause you don’t go home before it’s perfect. I have a blog and I also write for a fashion web-site connected to my blog - lola.no. I’m a columnist for Norwegian Cosmopolitan, also I do styling jobs. I’m a true multi tasker. I guess that if you love something within fashion, the limits of it all aren’t that hard to cross, especially when I have worked for eight years as a model. You can pick up so much, cause you just sit there and get pampered and pick up tons of tricks and dos and don’ts.

image from fmd

What are your some of your favorite spots around town….restaurants, shops, clubs bars?
I love the food at Mr. Chow, I even think about their chicken sticks with peanut buttery gravy while in Norway and sometimes it hurts not being able to get it when I want it. I love the Shepards pie at Balthazar and the Papardelle they serve at Bar Pitti. I shop at Popette, the vintage store on the east side where my last purchase was a pair of vintage Jean Paul Gaultier high-high waisted suit pants.I love Number (N)ine in Tribeca, it’s a Japanese designer with a very cool store, I drink and dance at Rose bar and 1Oak.

How did you get into blogging and how long have you been doing it?
I was asked by the founders of lola.no if I wanted to fashion blog for them, we had the very same view on how we wanted to do things and what we wanted to write about and therefore I said yes. I don’t think I would ever have started a blog on my own. To sit at home and just feel like my life is so interesting, so I should share it with the world is far away from who I am. In Norway there is a saying/unwritten rule everyone is raised by and goes by, which is called “Jantelov” (Jante Law). It is a social attitude and a way Norwegians look at each other. It consists of ten rules which all go by the variations of “Don’t think you’re anything special or that you are better than us”. It sits deeply and it’s hard to run away from. That’s why as a Norwegian it feels so good to be in another country. Especially New York. This stupid rule makes most Norwegians very humble- too humble, and it often makes life more difficult. A half year back I wrote an e-mail to a broker about an apartment me and my boyfriend were interested in renting in New York. She wanted me to write a short bio of ourselves. It was so hard and it took me an entire evening to write it because it was so hard for me to “brag” of our achievements. I did it eventually and it made me think how crazy Janteloven is. It was easy to say yes to the blogging with the back up of someone who believed in me.

image property of hanneli mustaparta

Do you Model in the US as well as Norway?
I did it in the US until April 08. My last job before i decided to quit was an international TV commercial for John Frieda, brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner. I rarely watch TV so I haven’t seen it myself on TV yet. Fortunately it’s on the directors web page, ChrisApplebaum.com, I would still model if I didn’t have to go to all the castings. I love being in front of the camera, I love cooperating with the photographer to get the best possible shot and to be able to meet and work with so many amazing and creative people.

What are your style inspirations?
Oooh anything really. I pick up stuff from old ladies, as you know Ari, older people are so creative and inspirational. Since I started blogging, I had to start to check out other blogs, it’s a big blogger world out there so I probably pick up inspiration there. An I love just entering a thrift store and for instance find a typical trashy item from the 80’s and style it with something unsuspected from a different era and make it something new and unseen. I adore ChloĆ© Sevigny, her style is very unpredictable. She is quirky-beautiful and I love that she never fell into the temptation of getting sickly skinny even if she is in the spotlight. She looks radiant and healthy, and I’m waiting for the new season of Big Love.

image property of hanneli mustaparta

Can you name a few favorite new york moments?
This summer I passed a homeless person, she looked so warm, sad and dirty. I had a fresh and cold yummy apple straight from my fridge in my bag, so I turned around and asked if she wanted it? She looked offended, shook her head and made a face. Very New York! Ha ha. I love hailing cabs like in the movies, whistling loud and they stop in an instant, I almost want to do it without needing one.

Being snapped by Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham during NY fashion week.
One time I was at a party downtown, It wasn’t long after arriving to New York for the first time. There were no cabs and it was so late that no car services picked up the phone. I had no idea on how to get home. I asked a guy that exited the same party if I could borrow his phone cause mine was dying,. He turns around and shouts to his friend ” Hey! Milla! Give me your phone!” She throws it to him, he gives it to me and I realize that I’m using Milla Jovovich’s phone. She is the most beautiful woman and I have loved her since I saw “Fifth Element”. No one picked up, so I hung up and told her I adore her while I was jumping and giggling,that she’s amazing. She asked me if I got a car, since I didn’t she asked where I lived,.At the time I Iived in the Meatpacking area, so she said they could take me there with her limo. It was my first time in a limo which was pretty cool and to be in one together with her made it insanely cool.


as many of you know, everytime a new season comes i put together a little grouping of things that i am loving for the season. this summer is no exception!


if you can't tell from this little collage, i'm loving ruffles, color and a relaxed fit in clothes. i absolutely love the beautiful blue color, the ruffles and the stud details on the shay todd neilhead ruffled bikini. it's $200 from netaporter. yes...$200.

the marc by marc jacobs day lily cotton dress is so fab. it's very well made and i love the asymmetric shoulder work. it looks like dark denim but it's really a navy cotton eyelet overlay over a lighter sheath. this dress is so fancy for day and great for night. ohhhh it would look so good on me.

lanvin makes such pretty things, and this beautiful tangerine/melon mini pop bag is no exception. i love the shape, the fabric, the closure and the strap on this bag. it's so perfect! it's small and beautiful.

rompers and playsuits are so fun. the safest choice is in black, so i think if i get one it'll be in black or a darker color. the theory ardenia cotton blend playlist from netaporter is a nice option.

i love tulip skirts. i don't think i have one though...this thread social silk tulip mini skirt belongs in my closet. it would look so good with a white top and a blazer. can you imagine it? just imagine....just imagine...

diane von furstenberg makes such fab floaty tops and dresses. i love her esperanza silk chiffon top. bright teal gladiators are something you don't see too often. be original, pick up these cute dolce vita sandals. instead of opting for dark sunnies try out something bright, these look marni inspired: butterfly sunglasses for $5.80 from forever21.com.

i have veryyyy few eyeshadows and i'd love to jumpstart my collection with the widely loved and greatly pigmented 2nd edition 120 color palette from bhcosmetics.com. everyone who gets this palette loves it. high quality by far!

lastly i really want the dolce & gabbana light blue fragrance. i heard it makes boys go wild. ;) hahahahaha!


- gucci and versace won't be doing big resort presentations like chanel. the people at gucci and versace say that resort collections are strictly commercial and donatella says that a big production ruins the commerical moment. donatella also says that she'd like to do a virtual runway show because versace needs "to find a new formula".

- agyness deyn wants to quit modelling and become an actress! hmmm...let's see if it works.

- alexander wang's star is still rising. he won the swarovski womenswear award at the CFDA awards and is being discussed as a good investment among financial gurus.

- natalia vodianova is on a 3 year contract to design lingerie for etam and is also designing for lutz & patmos's pre-spring 2010 collection. we know natalia is a good model, is she a good designer too?

- are platforms a thing of the past? carine roitfeld was spotted at cannes in flats (she wears heels 97% of the time it seems!), and many designers have featured flats in their collections. i like flats AND platforms. i don't want to see either go out of style. especially platforms since i haven't worn all of mine yet....

- vera wang may be dancing with the stars! you might be seeing vera wang shake her groove thang on the september 21st premiere. i'm excited to see her! you knew she was/is a figure skater...so this isn't totally impossible.


are you excited to see who is now on the list as our top ten best dressed celebs? oh you don't have to scream, i know you are. ;]

Molly Sims
this is her first time on the list but she so deserves this spot. she, like so many ladies who have been on this list in the past, always looks so impeccable. she is very consistent with her style and she is not praised enough for looking so good everywhere she goes!

Carine Roitfeld
i love this lady: she always takes fashion risks that pay off. and for her, they are not fashion risks--the pieces she chooses to wear are just part of what she loves to wear. she also has such an infectious smile!

Michelle Obama
Her style is timeless, innovative, and most importantly...interesting!

Selita Ebanks
She is one of my favorite models. she is so beautiful. in this picture she's not wearing any makeup and yet she's able to match the dazzling beauty of her balmain dress. i feel she doesn't get enough attention for her style choices, and hopefully people will start paying more attention to her.

Kerry Washington
Congratulations Kerry! You are a repeat! I think this is just her second time on the list...it's either the second or the third...but anyway, she more than deserves to be on this list. she is so beautiful and has great style. she's able to wear elegant, classic glam pieces as well as more edgy ensembles. she's totally rocking her louis vuitton top in this picture.

Annalynne McCord
i don't watch 90210, but i have been watching annalynne! she has great style and she's captivating and so sexy on the red carpet. i hope she keeps it up.

Thandie Newton
thandie is always dressed well. it's just a given that she's going to look beautiful everytime she steps out.

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan has just recently become stylish it seems. i love her new sophisticated (but never boring) style of dressing. it really becomes her.

Emanuelle Alt
if carine's on the list, of course emanuelle has to be on it. she is the queen of cool casual dressing, and she sure does look good in black.

Dree Hemingway
Dree is totally captivating and has just recently burst onto the fashion scene. i'm loving what i've seen and i want to see more of her!

that's it for the magazine entry! i hope you enjoyed reading it. please leave comments and continue to visit my site, i really appreciate all of the support!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the first lady + dolce and gabbana?


a first lady hasn't worn dolce & gabbana before, and i'm not sure if any other lady in the political limelight has worn dolce & gabbana before either. if one has...please inform me.

dolce & gabbana is a brand built on sex appeal, glamour and a slight edge of fantastical delusion (the kind of delusion experienced after partying for long periods of time). it's understandable that a first lady or any other female political figure would not want to be associated with that for fear of looking disrespectful, misrepresenting her husband, etc. (really, there is so much that people in the political world worry about and they want to keep up appearances).

however, i feel that this dolce and gabbana sleeveless silk blend dress is incredibly modest and still communicates a quiet sexiness. i love the color, the cut and those fabulous pockets. the exposed zipper at the back is a great touch too. i think that the first lady, michelle obama, would look great in this.

there have been complaints that she wears way too many cardigans. i'm sure if she wore this, it would look great with a cardigan--but it would be clean, simple, classic, and a great display of her shoulders if she wore it without a cardigan.

this dress can be purchased for $495 from netaporter.

Friday, June 5, 2009

school bites, that's why you need a good skincare routine

Hey all,
I'm still working on the magazine entry....let's all hope that this works out. *nervous laugh*
Anyway...my summer semester started this week. I can't tell you enough how unenthusiastic I am about this. I don't have any of the books I need, I'm definitely not in school mode...but whatever, I'm going to tough this out and just get it over with! I'm getting all of the hard stuff out of the way.

So while I've been working on the magazine entry, and stressing about school, and eating way too much food I've also been getting steadily more and more obsessed with makeup and skincare. My Mom always stressed to me how important it was to take care of my skin, but I've recently gotten obsessive about it in the last 2 or 3 years. And I've been watching makeup and skincare videos and I have a skincare routine that hasn't made my pores any less gigantic, but definitely leaves my skin clean and soooooooo soft. My face is so baby soft, it's unbelievable. I daydreamed for a little bit one day and when I snapped back into reality I realized I had been stroking my face. Creepy...but, it's nice to know that I have baby soft skin!

I have oily skin (not too oily, but just enough to not be considered dry or combination or normal) and I learned that the best thing to cleanse oily skin is actually an oil cleanser. I don't have any oil cleansers, but the next thing closest to that is the Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream that I have. It has a lot of natural oils in its' ingredient list. I learned that I had been using the cream cleanser wrong. I was using it as a soap and I would wet it and rub it between my hands and then slather it on my face and wash it off.

I learned that for the cleanser to be effective I had to massage it into my face (especially the congested areas like your chin or the t-zone area) and then bring up the oils with water and a soft washcloth. I don't have a facial washcloth because I like using my hands so I clean off the residue of the cream cleanser with Phisoderm's Anti-blemish gel facial wash. Gel facial washes are veryyyy good for oily skin and the combo of the cream cleanser with the gel wash really leaves my skin clean. I've never felt my skin this clean before. It is recommended to use a toner to roung out your cleansing routine but I'm too lay to buy a toner. Rose water and Witchhael are recommended. Toners with alcohol are too stripping. When I get a toner I'll tell you how that works out for me.

I also exfoliate twice a week and use a pore cleansing mask twice a week. I use L'oreal Active Daily Moisture Lotion for all skin types and CG Smoothers Aqua tinted moisturizer every morning and PreVentin-AT Skin Brightener for the Face every night.

Having relatively good skin is amazing. It gives you confidence and it's nice not to have to worry about your face all the time. Us girls have too many things to worry about.

Alright...so...I received another award! I can't believe it, I feel so loved.

Thanks so much to Halie at http://www.archivingfashion.wordpress.com/ for the award.

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Why do I love blogging? I love blogging because I love writing and I get to write about whatever I want to on my blog. One of my greatest loves is fashion. I love the art of enhancing people's natural beauty through clothes and I loved seeing well dressed people. Blogging allows me to meet interesting, beautiful (inside and out), and motivated people and is a great escape from my daily trials.
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