Wednesday, December 31, 2008


we're one day away from the new year. i want to give all of you 1 BIG THANK YOU for all of your support this year. i'm really fortunate to get the comments i do. they show that you really appreciate what i write and that you appreciate my sense of style. that's such a huge compliment! every time i get a long, well thought out comment i feel a huge burst of happiness and warmth inside. it sounds weird, but that's what happens! nice comments just make me so happy because i put my all into this blog. for me, this is such a huge release. sometimes thinking of new ways to update, or updating at all seems like a daunting task, but most of the time i can't wait to type up a new entry for all of you. i just want to share all of what i know (which isn't much), and all of my feelings and thoughts on fashion and the world with people who are willing to read it. and i'm so happy that i've found people who actually want to read what about my various obsessions and likes. thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

and one last thing...which is totally unrelated to my thank you. ROIWORLD.COM IS COMING BACK BIGGER AND BETTER IN JANUARY 2009. i love roiworld. it's a korean game and dress-up game site. i refuse to believe that dress-up games are only for little girls. i love to put together awesome outfits on cute online dolls. it gives me inspiration for outfits and such. the graphics on that site are really high quality and they have a huge range of dress-up games. in some of them you can dress up the doll, or you can make her over and dress her up, or you can dress up couples and such. and in january 2009 it's going to be even better! so there's a reason to look forward to the new year. :)

i hope you all have a great night tonight. please be safe! thanks for making 2008 a good year for fashionforwarddd.
<3 me

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


we're two days away from the new year! wootie woot! anyway, today i'm going to feature two awesome fashion blogs. since i started reading them i've become officially addicted, and i want to share the love!


this site is amazing. it tracks what celebrities wear, when they wear it, and how many times they wear it. and if celebrities ever wear the same thing the readers get to vote on who looks best! and every week there is a best dressed celeb of the week, and readers get to vote for their fave and sometimes the blog owner (fashion critic) disagrees and chooses her own best dressed. since it's the end of the year she's been rounding up all the best fashions of the year. make sure to head on over to her blog after reading mine! :)

i've only recently found this blog. i've been reading it for a few weeks but i am definitely hooked. i love the blogger's sense of style and all of the quirky items that she features. she puts together a lot of alexander wang inspired grungey outfits and she is enamored with the olsens. she has a great sense of humor and updates daily.

pay them a visit and told them zoe from fashionforwarddd sent you! ( bet you didn't know my name was zoe :] )

Monday, December 29, 2008


IMAGE HEAVY! wait for it to load...

we are now 3 days away from 2009! and because of that i am featuring 3 amazing editorials. i have several editorials that are my favorites and i am now adding these three, that i'm featuring in my entry, to my favorites list. all of the editorials have different feels, clothes, lighting and fashion vibes--but ALL three of these editorials are superb. the models really work it, and show why they deserve the titles of high fashion models. tell me what you think! and thanks to everyone who has been reading these daily posts and commenting on them. :)
♥ me

p.s. i have featured the entire editorial of each selection for your viewing pleasure.

Magazine: Harper's Bazaar China September 2008
Title: Olympic Glory
Model: Du Juan, Emma Pei
Photographer: Chen Zhun







c9 c10













the summer 2008 olympics in beijing were astounding. i loved everything from the opening ceremony, the swimming races, the diving competitions, the gymnastics displays, track and field races, and the closing ceremony. everything seemed to go perfectly, and every detail of the event was put together with so much thought and innovation. this editorial from the september 2008 edition of china's harper's bazaar takes inspiration from the 2008 summer olympic games, and does as good a job, if not better or capturing the history and various other achievements of china. the cover of the september 2008 edition is so cute! all three models look so beautiful, and i loved how they formed the configuration of the olympic rings with their hair. i also appreciate how this editorial is able to convey grace, ambition, anger, defeat, and triumph using not only a fantastic and almost surreal backdrop, but great model casting, great expressions on the models, good makeup/hair and clothing styling. the models really showed what they can do in this editorial. this is a testimonial to how good asian models are. there need to be more of them on the runway (as i've said time and time again...). this is so beautiful and perfect. it is now one of my favorite editorials of ALL TIME. yes, that means now and forever.

Magazine: Numéro December 2008
Title: Magie Noire
Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Miguel Reveriego

j1 j2
when i first saw jessica stam in an editorial i fell in love with her. she's such a doll! and her eyes are so captivating. the lighting in this editorial shows off her bone structure and i love the dark makeup and crazy hair. she carries it so well (another testament to her beauty). here the clothes don't take center stage; they add to the darkness of the editorial and amplify her looks. this makes me want to wear black 24/7.

Ad Campaign: Biotherm
Season: spring summer 09
Model: Sasha Pivovarova
Photographer: ?






this isn't an editorial out of a fashion magazine, it's an ad campagin for the beauty brand biotherm for spring/summer 2009. even though it's not technically an editoial, i just had to showcase this lovely series of pictures. it's bright, fresh and beautiful. lots of times when i see sasha pivovarova in editorials she scares me. she just looks scary. but here she looks purely angelic and beautiful. her complexion, hair color, and eyes, come together to create a great image for biotherm. i don't even care if any of this was photoshopped because it just looks so gorgeous. great job sasha! and biotherm did a great job of casting.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


we are now four days away from a new year. are you excited? are you reflective? are you scared? whatever you this entry, it could add some useful bit of knowledge to your day. here are the four things that every girl should have in her closet.

♥ me


1. a tailored coat

this classic wool coat from victoria's secret for $59.99 is cheap by most's standards, comes in a variety of colors and has a very flattering and current shape, yet still has a classic cut. it would look great over pants or dresses/skirts, and has long sleeves and a reasonable collar to be functional enough to keep you warm. i also love the cute tab details at either side of your waist so that it can give the illusion of a smaller waist. the two roomy pockets at the front are a nice touch too. if you're on your way out you can tuck your keys or lipgloss in there and keep them close to you for the whole day. every girl should have a tailored coat in her closet NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. people in warm climates need coats too, for when it gets windy or rainy, or for when they travel to cooler locales. when you have a classic coat in your closet you can feel safe to try out any weird trends in outwerwear knowing that you still have a classic to fall back on. and pieces like this can help ground an outfit.

2. a little black dress

we all know that every girl should have a little black dress in her closet. if you didn't know that until this moment, that's quite sad...but at least you know that now. i really like this little black dress by flip from because of the monochrome embellishments at the waist, the swinging hemline and the fact that even though it is spaghetti strapped the straps still look sturdy. the dress also looks good from the back, if you visit the site you'll see that the spaghetti straps form an "X" at the back. it's a nice and unexpected touch to every girl's standby: the little black dress.

3. show stopping shoes

you can get black pumps anywhere, but what's even more important than having reliable black pumps is the need to have show stopping shoes. i love the sexiness of these report signature women's flow dress sandals. i love the light grey color and the delicate t-strap. these shoes can be worn in the summer or you could wear them in late fall and winter with opaque black or dark grey tights and look like a burberry model.

4. bootcut jeans

skinny jeans are everywhere, but as i've said before, bootcut jeans will probably always be my favorite. they look great with boots, they look great with heels, they look great with flats--you've just got to love them. they don't have the exagerrated bell shape that flares have but they're roomy enough to slightly elongate your leg. i like flap pockets so i was drawn to these hudson bootcut jeans from you can definitely get bootcut jeans cheaper from places like charlotte russe (their jeans are actually cut really nicely), american eagle or old navy, but for those girls who only do premium, these hudsons are a nice choice.

if you don't have these things in your closet get these items now! you'll thank me later. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


we're 5 days away from the new year and well into winter. let's consider 5 reasons why we should enjoy winter. i'm not forcing you to love it, but you can at least enjoy it. :)

♥ me

1. you can drink hot chocolate all the time. if you are going to drink hot chocolate every day, try and be creative every time you make a cup. you can try some classic hot coco with no embellishments, you can try it with marshmallows, with marshmallows and whipped cream, with cinnamon, with whipped cream and hot fudge, or with caramel, or you could down the hot coco and have some chocolate covered strawberries on the side. so many delicious possibilities, no?

2. you can make snowmen! big, fat, and superbly cute snowmen. you can't do that in any other season! unless...every season is cold for you, and you always have snow around.

3. you can take cool snowy outdoor pictures of trees with branches weighed down with snow, streets and cars entirely coated with white, or a cute facebook-y/myspace-y picture of you laying in the snow or in the middle of a snowball fight. those pictures are always fun to look back at.

4. you get to layer lots of cool blouses and sweaters. when you have lots of clothes (like me), winter is a great oppurtunity to layer. i don't layer a lot, but when its done expertly and it can keep you warm and stylish.

5. you get to complain how cold it is! if you like to complain, winter gives you many reasons to complain. it's cold, it's snowy, it's slushy, you have to shovel. so even if you can't see any good out of crummy weather, winter does give you something to do, rant.

♥ you guys!

Friday, December 26, 2008


6 days away from the new year! let's look at 6 cool male celebrities (more specifically, actors) who have done well in 2008.



james mcavoy- i developed a slight crush on him when i saw him with keira knightley in atonement. he played his character really well, and with such great intensity. i especially loved it when his character would break out of being serious and crack a smile. anyway...not only did he do a great job in atonement but his work has been acclaimed in other projects such as the last king of scotland, wanted, and penelope. he was also really cute as mr. tumnus in the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. i hope to see more of his work soon!

robert pattinson- mr. pattinson is my most recent crush. i find him incredibly interesting, not just because he plays the dreamy and impossibly perfect in every way edward cullen in the hit movie twilight (the books are amazing, if you haven't read some of them, please do!), but because all of his interviews are so funny! google robert pattinson and you'll doubtless find many fan sites where you can see and read his interviews or you might find links to the actual interviews. he has an amazingly refreshing self-deprecating sense of humor, and he doesn't seem hung up on his looks even though he's very handsome. look forward to seeing more of pattinson in a film about salvador dali entitled little ashes and in new moon coming in 2009.

brad pitt- seems to get more famous as the years go on. he's one half of the power couple most call brangelina, and he seems like a great dad to his biological children as well as adopted children. he's acted in many well known and loved films, including the recently released the curious case of benjamin button and has initiated a project with beauty brand kiehl's to produce biodegradable soaps. in addition to doing all of that he has a project where he builds new houses in new orleans. he oversees both the design of the houses and the building progress. and i'm sure he'll add more to his shining list of glory soon, because it seems that he loves to be busy. :)

will smith- i think this man should have received an oscar by now. he's really smart with picking his movie roles and usually all of her movies are blockbusters. his most recent work is 7 pounds. it didn't do that well in the box office, due to hard economic times, but that still doesn;t take away from his skill as an actor. i loved him on the fresh prince of bel-air and i still watch the re-runs whenever i can. i loved him in one of his earlier works, 6 degrees of seperation. he played someone totally different from him, and did a great job. mr. smith is pretty much good at everything. i also respect him because his marriage has lasted a good while for hollywood standards and he helps his kids make good decisions when it comes to movie roles as well.

corbin bleu- ok...don't shoot me...but i've never watched any of the high school music movies. sometime soon i'll get my brother to netflix them and i'll watch them, but they never really had any appeal to me. and plus i don't have disney channel anymore so...yeah. anyway. when i first saw corbin bleu i didn't think much of him, but as i continued to see excerpts of hsm works i realized he was a good singer, and a good dancer, and he was kind of cute! i don't know if he'll have success beyond hsm but it was a smart career move for him to join on the team.

ed westwick- he is now unbelievably famous for his portrayal of chuck bass on gossip girl. ed was made for the role. i can't picture anyone else who would be better. he also has his own band, and like robert pattinson an alluring british accent. i hope he gets to do some film work because he seems so talented to be able to play such a deeply troubled and multi faceted character such as chuck bass. when he speaks his eyes convey a lot of what he's feeling and he has good presence on the screen.


so, hope you guys enjoyed this post as well! did you agree with my list? who do you think i should have added? btw, i updated my picture, icons, and graphics site fabfash. go and get your fashion image fix over there.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


on the seventh day away from the new year let's look at 7 amazingly cool models who are really adding some dimension to the fashion industry and are among my many favorite models who i think deserve some kudos.
♥ me

in no particular order...

coco rocha- i love her looks and her personality. she's fierce on and off the runway, shoots fantastic editorials and makes the cutest little videos on and guess what? she has a website where you can find out even more about her. many know her as the model who irish danced at a jean paul gaultier show, but she's much more than that. i think that if we were ever to have another group of supermodels like the ones from the 90s (cindy, linda, naomi, claudia) coco rocha would be one of them. she's an unconventional beauty, she's beautiful in a way i don't see much. i can see her beauty inside and out, she purely enjoys her job and seems like a decent person, not someone hung up on her looks or amazing success.

jourdan dunn- in britain she's model of the year, she was the the first black woman to walk prada in 10 YEARS (ten years too long i say...and the one who walked ten years ago was naomi campbell), she's spoken out about the lack of diversity on the runway and in editorials, she's beautiful and i love her editorials and the way she sashays down the runway. she reminds me of a young gazelle, huge eyes, long limbs and unimaginably graceful movements. she's just been on the scene for a few years (maybe even just a year?) and she's already casting people under her spell. i expect to see so much more of jourdan in 2009.

georgia frost- i've loved georgia frost for some time now. i've only seen her in editorial, and don't remember ever seeing her on runway. i've loved every editorial she's done because of her experimental poses and the way she can tell a story with only the slight variation of the positioning of her limbs. it takes a lot to be a model, and only a few people can really master the job. even though frost doesn't seem to be widely recognized it is apparent to me that she is a bonafide model with lots of talent. i want to see more of her!

lakshmi menon- she is such a hottie. we barely see any models representing india, sri lanka, the middle east, or any oriental countries for that matter and i am happy that menon has made such a big splash in the fashion world by walking for such names as zac posen, hermes, givenchy (she was even in the givenchy ad campaigns!), etc. i recently read an interview about her and she seems like a very intelligent young woman, and while she is beautiful and smart she's incredibly laid back and just taking life in stride. she didn't pursue modeling rabidly but she was obviously destined to be a model and is dang good at it. as with georgia frost and jourdan dunn i want to see much more of her. what i love most about her is her presence on the runway and the way an image of her seems to jump off of the magazine pages.

lara stone- is too sexy for her she often poses topless. but there's so much more to lara than her chest. she's a great model. i love her stare, the gap in her teeth, the way she works with other models in editorials (she never looks uncomfortable in images--she always holds her own)...and so does carine roitfeld. ms. roitfeld loves her so much that she's dedicating an entire VOGUE PARIS issue to lara. i can't wait to see what comes out of it.

liu wen- i first became aware of liu during the last fashion week for spring 2009. she walked a few shoes, i most remember her for pollini and dsquared. she has such an amazing smile, it brightens up her entire face and the runway. and when she's not smiling she looks just as good. there definitely needs to be more diversity on the runway and i hope to see liu wen diversifying it up with the best of 'em. there are asian models out there, people just have to be willing to cast them. with a smile like liu's though, i think it's impossible to not get cast.

natasha poly- is one of the greats. i think she should have the title of supermodel. she is so amazingly and unbelievably versatile. she's beautiful, but she knows how to play down her beauty when necessary. she knows how to adapt to the mood of a collection on the runway and to the set in editorials. one of my favorite images of her are from the nina ricci fall 2008 ad campaigns. they are so whimsical and awe inducing...i could stare at them for quite a while and not get bored. she also shared space with lakshmi menon for givenchy ad campaigns and looked really punky, gothy and scary. it just shows you that if you're truly a model you can embody anything.

i hope you enjoyed my list...but then again how could you not--it was perfect. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


on the eigth day away from the new year let's fawn over eight amazing lipglosses, some cheap...and some not so cheap, but all good. (btw, if you are wondering where the modules are and the top ten best dressed celebs list is look at the very bottom of the page).

i really love l'oreal lip gloss, it has a great texture. it's not too thick and not sticky and it is very moisturizing. this shade, peaches-n-creme, looks like it could be flattering for a variety of different complexions, and since this lipgloss is sheer enough to layer you can choose the intensity of the color. wet n wild lip gel in beige baby glaze looks like a good nude color for those who are fair to medium beige in complexion. rimmel kiss off! lip gloss in first time is a bright flirty pink for those with outgoing and vibrant personalities.

i think that all ladies should have light lip colors as well as deep, mysterious and luxurious dark lip colors such as star stunned from the milani glitzy glamour lip gloss collection for only $6.29 from lavanila labs created this absolutely delicious healthy lip shine trio for $20, that all smell like different variations of one of my favorite scents, vanilla. and what's even better is that these colors look like they can be flattering for everyone, and the tubes are so cutesy. last but not least is the lancome juicy tubes in rose fishnets. lancome says its a shade of pink that is flattering on EVERYONE because it has a brightening effect due to the gold flecks in the gloss. many rely on lancome for their lip gloss, and i recommend you to try it out too.

what lipgloss(es) do you use?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


yesterday you all enjoyed an entry that featured 10 amazing items from netaporter. today on the 9th day away from the new year feast your eyes on 9 hair products, ideas and doodads to improve on your hair quality and hair wear.


i'm obsessed with obtaining bumble and bumble creme de coco products. i've never used them, but everytime i read a magazine or a hairstylist interview they always rave about the effectiveness of b&b creme de coco prducts or just bumble and bumble in general. and if products didn't work. then nobody would talk about them right? well these work, because it seems they're all i hear about. i am officially putting this bumble and bumble creme de coco gift set on my wishlist. for those gals with long, luxurious locks this tourmaline infused round brush with boar bristles will help you to maintain shine in your hair. boar bristles are known for making locks soft and shiny because of a natural oil with which they are infused, and round brushes are always recommended by hairstylists for getting a bouncy/wavy look.

i am also in love with the infinity nano silver straightener because it actually has real silver (how glam!) and a 1" ceramic plate that can create a range of styles. smaller plates allow you to straighten or wave your bangs or shorter hairs on your hairline for a sleeker look. hair extensions are often frowned upon, but lots of celebrities wear them and so do most models, for the outrageous looks they have to carry on the runway. extensions can give you a natural look and if you're waiting for your hair to grow back and don't want to look too awkward in the growing out phase, bits of extensions can give you the look you desire.

feather headbands have become very popular recently but a lot of people can't pull them off, and i know this because walking down the street i see so many girls with weird feather headbands and they all look slightly psychotic. i like the idea of feather headbands, but seeing how they are kind of hard to pull off if you don't have enough confidence and if you don't have a certain look i think everyone should turn their attention to beaded headbands like beaded applique headwrap for $24 at i highly recommend oscar baldni pronto dry shampoo to go $11 from for those with a kooky and cute sense of style use these julis barrette's from karmaloop nto spruce up your look, and if you're just having a bad hair day wear a hat--don't fight fate. try this cute beret for $8.99 from

note to readers: my internet/computer is acting so stupidly. this is my third time rewriting this entry and trying to post it. you can only imagine how frustrating that is. to put it simply, i'm royally pissed. but i did promise you guys daily entries up until the new year, and i do want to make good on that promise. so that will probably involve hijacking my brother's internet connection. i don't know how this will work out, but i'll try my best.

Monday, December 22, 2008


it is december 22 and there are 10 more days until the new year! 2009!
so for each number of days until the new year i will post an equal number amount of awesomeness. that sentence probably didn't make sense...but you'll get the gist of it as the days go on if you don't get it now.

10 items from

ok, so this little collection of items definitely has a dark, slightly bad girl feeling to it. but lately i've been being wooed by darker colors and edgy details. my eyes definitely widened by 25% when i saw these super scary in a good way landver spike hoop earrings. i know rihanna could rock these, no doubt, and i'd love to have the oppurtunity to wear these around somewhere. calvin klein makes amazing underwear and i loved the bright red and lace detail of this perfectly fit seduction emotion bra. one designer i admire a lot is Roland Moureti. he really knows how to make a chic, ladylike structured dress without the detailing being too obvious or having the dress look overly structured. his creations always look just right. i was ecstatic to see this nougaro origami pleat top and loved the idea of pairing it with another creation from Mouret's RM by Roland Mouret line, the javel pant. for the working woman who doesn't want to freeze to death in a pencil skirt and barely there hose these pants and amazing black top would be a great alternative.

for those of you who don't know, i have an obsession with blazers. before high school or later on in elementary school my mother gave me a blazer that had been my brother's when he was younger. it was a little boy's blazer and it fit me perfectly. it was a deep navy, it had subtle pin striping and was lined in beige. i loved it and wore it to death. currently it is hung in my closet with a huge hole in the elbow and looks as if it is beyond repair. since the destruction of my blazer i have been searching endlessly for the perfect one. until a few days ago my search had been futile, but i picked up one very similar to my little brother's blazer from forever 21 (AND IT WAS ON SALE!). this blazer by karl lagerfeld is another great find. i love the cut and i'm a sucker for dark blazers. a black blazer will go with anything. lately i've also been intrigued by sequins, and for my readers who have long beautiful gams ( case you don't know) this antik batik silver sequin skirt for $350 would be perfect by winter parties and for any parties really....except business parties. i am loving the luxe deep black suede that form these exquisite pedro garcia alvie ankle boots for $280. they are so elegant, and remind me vaguely of the yves saint laurent suede boots from fall 2008, but i like these garcia ones better. last but not least are the thurley lace panel dress which is to die for (i love that beautiful dove grey silk and the sexy yet appropriate black lace detail), the must have basic james perse tees and the shockingly pink marc by marc jacobs bag. it will add a pop of color to a dreary winter ensemble and will be fun and fresh in summer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Magazine Entry Part 2

to view pictures fully click on them.

Here's part 2 of the magazine entry! hope you enjoy it.


a while back i did a tv style entry on the hit show gossip girl. i decided to do another episode on the character's style because their style has evolved with their personalities since season 1. for instance jenny humphrey is no longer the sweet little girl we once knew. last time i included the character dan's style as part of the update, but instead of including dan i chose to dissect what vanessa would wear. here goes!


sg1 serena van der woodsen is a free spirit--if she wasn't a rich, popular alluring upper east side socialite she would be a sexy wood nymph. this is reflected in her wardrobe choices on the show. most of her outfits have a neutral palette with a lot of browns, creams, whites, taupes, oranges, muted reds, yellows, golds and blacks. i could so see serena toting the amazingly trendy kooba halle handbag. i love the warm color of the leather and the diagonal zip across the front flap. and wouldn't serena's never ending legs look great sheathed in white skinny jeans and fringe boots? i'd bet you top dollar they would.



whenever ms. van der woodsen has to go to an event, whether that be a party or an evening date she always amps up the sex factor. she ALWAYS has her boobs on display (don't pretend you didn't notice)--and hey, it works for her. but she doesn't just have one weapon for the nighttime, she also displays her lovely pins whenever the chance arises. she would look her usual sexy self in this fitted corset dress with lace trim from mandee for only $34.99. of course serena would wear something more expensive, but i'm trying to make her look accessible for those of us who don't have the entire new york social scene on speed dial. to further lengthen her tall frame she would pair this dress with patent leather black pumps and would further entangle you in her sensuousness with estee lauder sensuous. you can get 1 ounce for $39.50 from neiman marcus!



blair is one of my fave characters on gossip girl. i love that she always looks so put together, and simply said: perfect! blair would be right at home in this dotted shirt from forever 21 paired with their skirt with suspender straps. blair always adds splashes of color to her outfit, and one of her fave colors to use are red. all items here are from forever 21, ultra chic no?



blair is usually the best dressed at an event, because she always takes the time to think out her outfits. blair can be matchy matchy, but it always works for her because she pairs just the right colors together. this catherine malandrino ruffle shoulder dress for $495 from would be PERFECT on blair (and me too, wish i could afford it). since she is queen of the headband she would make sure to pair this beautiful large flower headband with her feminine and flirty dress. the key to being matchy without being obnoxious is to use variations of colors in the same color family. here we're pairing a vivid (almost electric purple) with subdued wine tones. blair's coloring goes perfectly with this color combo.



this time last year jenny humphrey was dressing so much different from this. she was a blair wannabe and always had meticulously put together, and quite girly outfits. jenny is the epitome of good girl gone bad (move over rihanna!) and this is the outfit that she would gravitate to now. a lumberjack shirt, a short and glossy skirt and tights are basically miss. humphrey's uniform. to add some contrast she'd throw on these faux doc matern combat boots for only $24.99 from gojane. and she's got a lot of teen spirit, so this deodorant is practically calling her name.



at her guerilla fashion show jenny looked amazing in a strapless mini dress/long dressy top and leggings. she's tall and skinny and can get away with anything. she would more than get away with this dark and lovely corset mini dress for $29.99 from charlotte russe. to toughen up the dress even more she'd slip on these black crinkle bow ankle heel zipper boots from and pile on the heavy, dark eye makeup. get the smokey eye look for only 5 buckaroos from



vanessa is the personification of current street atyle. she's just so darn cool. she loves trying different color combinations and piling on prints and accessories. i could so see her in this shocking combo of a bright yellow tee paired with tripp NYC the stretch twill pants in yellow check (only $29.95 from karmaloop). to keep it even more urban she's throw on a track jacket and some stylish converse flats.



vanessa, unlike blair, isn't always the best dressed at events. she doesn't take fashion as seriously as serena and blair but she always looks comfortable in her clothes. i could so see her in this unique knit surplice dress and funky mary jane wedge. to keep her curls in check she'd make sure to spray some got2b curl-vacious curled up spray into her raven locks.



i love lily's style. she always looks impeccable. i hope i'm this stylish when i'm older. even if she was just going to the grocery store (which, i don't think she actually does...) she would slip on the perfect little black dress and add colorful pieces such as this gorgeous saturated pink merino ruffle neck cardigan from jcrew and this red fendi FF logo cuff from


gg3 when there is an event lily bass always looks regal, and nothing less. not only would her outfit be impeccable, but her makeup would be too. i'm sure this makeup palette would please her (and yes, those colors on the makeup palette face are the actual pigments from the makeup selected).


want to know what's happening in the fashion world? come drink it up right here!

- proenza schouler bags

proenza schouler has come out with a new bag line! and it's already been seen on the fierce and the fabulous such as mary-kate olsen and the traina sisters. the geniuses behind proenza schouler are lazaro hernandez and jack mcCollough, and they are as excited about this new line as we are. their goal in making a handbag line was not just to make the next it-bags but to make bags that could actually function and had a rugged yet cool spirit about it. and i think they've achieved exactly what they were going for...except since the bags are so cool they might turn out to be it-bags after all! you can now purchase these haute bags from personally i'm loving the medium leather PS1 bag in lime green for $1,595 (pictured above).

alexander mcqueen for target


YAY! there is going to be a new designer collaboration with target and it will be with alexander mcqueen. he says the reason he chose to collaborate with target and not H&M or Topshop is because he wanted to reach Americans in the Midwest who frequent Target often (and he's right, i live in the midwest and i love target...although i don't buy a lot from there, but that will all change soon with his new line coming in!). here is some extra info from

The line will be available in stores and online from March 1 through April 11, 2009. Prices haven't been determined, but it's inspired by the Duke Spirit, a British band with an affinity for the sounds of late eighties and early nineties grunge bands. Lead singer Leila Moss was McQueen's muse for the collection, which WWD describes thusly:

The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and mesh give items an edge. For example, a chambray sleeveless shirtdress has stud detailing, there’s a mesh wrap dress and an open yarn zipper cardigan. Graphic prints and silk-screen photographs give tunics, dresses and T-shirts visual interest. The Leila silk-screen T-shirt with a necklace collar was designed for The Duke Spirit lead singer, while other band members are immortalized on a sleeveless jersey T-shirt.

A sateen strapless pleat dress in a tattoo print of mermaids, dice and anchors is an example of McQueen’s penchant for pairing feminine fabrics with tough details — in this case, a studded leather belt.

madonna for louis vuitton

louis vuitton has it's new campaign girl and it's none other than madonna!

- house of holland making designer print tees
henry holland will be making some new cult tees, this time not featuring witty phrases but drawings of some of our favorite designers. one designer being karl lagerfeld...

- rachel zoe to have a second season of her documentary/reality show!

i loved watching rachel zoe shop for her clients and herself and pick out the perfect outfits for them, as well as learn about her assistants and see how they deal with eachother. her show didn't get a lot of viewers initially but it has a cult following (one of the followers being me!) and we can expect to see more of it on bravo in mid-2009. for those who don't have cable you can watch the first season on youtube and maybe the second season when it starts airing.


we have some new celebs on our top ten best dressed list! i had a fun time picking them and think they all dserve to be on the list because their style is consistent but not boring and they always look great. i'll miss our past best dressed list that consisted of carrie underwood, nicole richie, victoria beckham, rihanna, angie harmon, zoe saldana, joy bryant, rachel bilson, kate hudson and nicky hilton. but as we're going into a new year here (in no particular order) are our new top 10 best dressed celebs!

Zoe Kravitz- with a name like zoe, and a father like lenny kravitz (and wild child mom lisa bonet) miss. kravitz was bound to be unique. not only is she cute as a button, but her style is incredibly unpredictable, intrigueing, exciting and cool. everytime i see pictures of her at events or even of her streetstyle i'm always pleasantly surprised. her outfits are nonchalant and yet at the same time creative. she wears what she wants and how she wants with a casual confidence.

Leighton Meester- how could this girl not be on the list? and btw that's diane von furstenberg in her picture, leighton was smiling so beautifully in that picture and she has on once of my fave outfits on her, but i couldn't crop beautiful dvf from the they're both in the picture but ms. meester is on the list! ANYWAY, she's on the list because even though her character on gossip girl has amazing style, leighton meester manages to stray away from that ultra put together style and still have a GREAT dress sense that's all her own.

Kerry Washington- as one of my favorite bloggers once said, "Kerry Washington doesn't get enough credit [for her style]". and that blogger is oh so right. kerry always looks amazing on and off of the red carpet. not only is she a sweet and talented actress she looks hot (yet elegant!) everytime she steps out in front of the camera! her choices are not too predictable but they're always perfect.

Kate Beckinsale- kate always looks so feminine and lady like without being sicky sweet. i love her street style, she loves to pair slouchy knits with skinny/drainpipe jeans and heels and her fave uber huge sunglasses. or she'll wear a floaty blouse with slouchy jeans (but makes sure her waist is defined with a belt or something) with her hair flowing freely in the wind. her red carpet style is just as fun to watch.

Charlize Theron- this girl is a goddess, but we already know that. how can she look so good, and dare i say it, sexy all of the time? there's not much to say except ms. theron deserves to be on the list. she's just so amazing no explanation is really necessary.

Terri Hatcher- i bet this choice is a bit unexpected isn't it? a lot of people don't like terri hatcher...i don't know why really...if you know why please tell me. anyway, i think that she has a great red carpet style. it's better than her street style which is very casual, yet classic. her red carpet style could best be described as neo-romantic. she always wears dresses to accentuate her body shape and she always picks the best shades for her complexion. her dresses make her look like a damsel waiting to be swept away into the arms of her romeo, but at the same time her look tells us that if romeo didn't come in time she'd slink off with someone else. terri takes little risks on the red carpet that aren't huge, like wearing only a plastic bag on the red carpet, but that make her one to watch.

Ashley Olsen- for the record, i prefer ashley's style over mary-kate olsen. that is why she is now on my top 10 best dressed celebs list before mk. who knows, maybe mk will find herself on this list someday? but for now all the glory is on ash. the older of the olsen's (by two minutes...i only know that because i was reading that a few days ago on style is classic, chic and modern. she loves to mix and match jewelry but not to the extent where it adds 5 pounds to her bodyweight and loves well cut dresses (such as by calvin klein) with unexpected touches like cutouts at the waist, or a beaded hem or scalloped sleeves. and she never leaves home with her blazers and an amazing handbag. this woman is so busy, writing books, making appearances on tv shows & at parties, designing for her (and her sister's) various fashion labels, doing interviews/shoots with magazines, and yet she still holds her own in the style realm--instead of throwing on sweats and a shirt for day and letting a stylist dress her at night. she's great.

Lucy Liu- i've admired ms. liu ever since charlie's angels. she's so pretty, and her hair is so shiny! besides that she has a presence on the screen--and that doesn't fade away when it comes time to choose her clothes. her choices are always whimsical and fun, never boring. even if she wears a black dress it'll be different from the others, whether it has an unexpected fabric, lots of beading/embroidery, etc. like kerry washington i don't think lucy liu gets enough credit for looking as good as she always does.

Eva Mendes- eva mendes is a sex bomb. she just oozes sex appeal--but at the same time she does the whole sexy thing with a lot of class. as in charlize theron's case there's really no need to explain why eva is on the list. she always looks good, how could she NOT be on the list?

Kate Moss- come on, you knew this was coming. i've had (i think) 3 or 4 top 10 best dressed celebs right now lists and i don't think kate moss has been on any of them (you know...i should start keeping track). but she deserves to be on it now more than ever. she's a supermodel that has now become a supermogul, with a crazily succesful line at topshop, a new perfume out, a bajillion magazine covers and editorials, and she even has a cult following. basically the whole world watches kate moss for inspiration when they feel like they need to dress better. as one editorial of hers read, "all hail kate!".

i hope you agree with my choices, tell me what you think!

and that brings an end to my magazine issue. we are soon to embark to a new year. starting december 21st, i'll be posting everyday until december 31st/january 1st when it is the new year. so that will be ten days of daily posting. i don't quite know what i'll be posting about...but i wanted to do something special (besides the magazine entry) for the end of the year! i hope you support me with your comments and such. much <3

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