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now that i've seen milan fashion week....milan fashion week > new york fashion week. i'm just an italian girl at heart i guess....until i see paris fashion week :D
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alberta ferretti- alberta did what she does best in this collection. she worked with silks and chiffons and had billowing blouson tops and flowing skirts accented with nipped in silk waists. i found it interesting that she used a nude panel ontop of most of her looks to give the illusion that the models' neckline was exposed. also featured was beading on the shoulders of dresses and shirts, and on shoes. rich velvets and royal purples, yellows, and blues were also featured throughout the collection. i feel like these clothes are what a princess off duty would wear. it was very laid back luxe. i love that flapperish dress jourdan is wearing and would love to own it.


albino- the shoes were absolutely killer, and i just liked the feel of this collection. the lime green and pale blue combination on the far right is unexpected, but it definitely works and reminds me a bit of a marc jacobs collection a while back with a little bit of lanvin mixed in. i love the beautiful black dress with a stand up collar that turns into ruffles down the middle of the dress: ingenius!


blumarine- i loved the leopard print minis! this collection was fun fun fun! the set was so bright and the clothing was really cheerful. it was well appreciated by all of us downtrodden souls, no? one of my absolute favorite looks has to be that beautiful yellow one shouldered gown. someone has to wear it, it's just so perfect!


jil sander- if i marry a rich man i want to have lots of jil sander in my wardrobe. season after season jil sander churns out clean, classic pieces that are absolutely timeless. most of the clothes were either black, white, grey or a beigey tannish color, but they were paired beautiful pointy toed shoes came in a variety colors such as fire engine red, toxic yellow, black and more. although the outside of the pieces were neutral colors, some were lined in burnt orange--as was revealed in a beautifully sculpted coat with a collar and lapels that looked like they deserved to be part of a calla lily--yellow, red, etc. all of the looks were just so beautiful, it was hard to choose just five looks that i liked because i liked the entire collection. on jak and jil the bloggers were saying that jil sander has just shown us pure 21st century fashion with no influence from other decades...and i think they're right. it just feels fresh, and real and wearable for now.


marni- i love the new soft look at marni. i loved all of the model's hair. it looked so soft and touchable, and although the marni color palette was very colorful as usual it didn't feel loud, it felt soft and warm. i absolutely loved the styling, and the printed knee socks and tights, and the accessories were amazing. i love marni's funky bags. i could so see myself wearing that beautiful outfit with the fur paneled sweater, and beautiful gold and pink necklace (to the far left--and i could also see myself wearing the second look from the left as well, probably w/o the socks).


luisa beccaria- this line had me from hello. it was amazingly romantic, i loved all of the cream and pale beige looks that came out in the beginning and i absolutely loved the hair that was pinned up in what looked like roller sections. it made a very wistful hairdo that i wish i could pull was a more romantic and desirable version of a polygamist wife hairdo (at least from the front). the hairstyle looked even more luscious from the back. the color palette consisted of cream, nude, black, silver, and medium dark to a subdued blue with bright undertones. the styling was done very well and i don't feel like the collection was too overdone. it was well thought out and could serve as a fabulous fall wardrobe.


giorgio armani- bright red lips, slicked back hair, dark eye make up all formed a more sophisticated look back at the 80s. it seems every designer wants to revisit the 80s. armani made stunning beaded gowns that i am sure will turn up on the red carpet as well as expertly constructed knee length dresses, satin pants, fitted blazers, and long cape coats made out of wool or fur.


gianfranco ferre- big shoulders were prominent at gianfranco ferre as well as dark colors (black and grey) and bold eyebrows that looked to be drawn on in a quick manner by using a ruler and a sharpie. as usual, the show was very architectural--but that's one of the things i love about g. ferre.


emporio armani- i absolutely loved the styling of the show. knee socks and berets are so cute (and so blair waldorf). so many of the looks were wearable too. i loved the huge pale pink leather bags featured as accessories and the fact that he featured all short looks. short dresses, short coats, shorts, and skirts.


emilio pucci- love, love, love, love, love! i loved the over the knee suede boots and the big fur trimmed coat at the beginning and the short hems, and the beautiful hippie glam vibe i got from the whole collection. peter dundas took over from matthew williamson for this season and he did a great job on his debut collection for the house. he gave pucci a really cool, chill vibe. matthew made the line cool in his own right and peter makes it cool in his own right as well. i liked how he gave texture to signature emilio pucci print by using velvet or suede paneling for some of the print on some of the looks. the collection was creative, and seemed to be inspired a bit by balmain as most of these fall 09 collections are, but it was still nice.


dsquared- this show was so much fun. freja opened the show holding a starbucks venti latte. the whole show was definitely an homage to olsen chic in my opinion (i could see ashley wearing the lok to the far left, and either ashley or mk in the second look from the left and the look at the far right, and probably ashley in the third from the left look), and i absolutely loved the funness of it, and the fact that these looks could easily be created for a cheaper price.


dolce and gabbana- big shoulders, prints galore, tall shoes in all colors, gloves as hats, big bow hats, mirrored polka dots, and fur were only a small part of what was featured at the dolce and gabbana fall 2009 show. i absolutely loved the marilyn monroe dresses with huge skirts puffed up by tulle and the hot pink sheath with puffy shoulders. now i understand why the poufy dresses in the 80s were even appealing, it's not that they looked that great, it's because they were fun. i think this sheath looks good and fun.


d&g- looks:7,11,35,44,50 a lot of lace, silks and huge yet short balloon skirts. a lot of the dresses looked like they were made from baroque sofa material. there were velvet dresses, velvet broade/jacquard dresses, pin cushion pillow dresses in satin and more interesting options that seemed to be based off of victorian or baroque furniture.


burberry prorsum- i absolutely love those platform boots. this would be a perfec wardrobe for fall, everything was pretty much comfortable basics and a few pieces were jazzed up with metallic finishes and taking a cue from miu miu some dresses were printed with the visages of roman/greek figures.


bottega veneta- bottega veneta seems to have been made for me. i'm a young lady that likes to dress like a lady. slouchy pants are all well and good, but i'll be the first one to tell you that i enjoy dressing up. and oh, how i'd love to dress up in bottega veneta. i loved their foray into corsetry and how for some looks they corseted the waist and directly under the chest to enhance the chest area. it was done tastefully and no cleavage was shown and it was all still sexy.

part two of milan fashion week is coming soon!


  1. oh my goodness, alberta ferretti, bottega veneta--never disappoints! I love them!!!

  2. haha yep i'm a literal person what can i say. =P

  3. Sigh. There's just so many divine pieces that I'd LOVE to own... it just doesn't seem fair! xxx

  4. oh Milan definitely beats New York. I loveddd Milan. But I think I'm reaching the point where my self-control can no longer stand looking at gorgeous clothes and not being able to buy them!


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