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i've been so crazily busy and stressed and etc. lately, so i apologize for not updating for such a long time! fashion week is officially over. paris fashion week went really well. i'm not sure if i can pick my favorite...for me it's between milan and paris. maybe i'll make a decision later. enjoy!
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balenciaga- nic ghesquiere never dissapoints me. i loved this new direction for balenciaga. there was still a hint of space agey fashion in the chunky shoes and browless models--but the clothes took a more wearable turn with many drapey silks and well cut blazers and fitted sweater tops. some of the looks were really loud and obnoxious (the printed looks), but i'm sure they can be worn well.


azzaro- there were only two models for this show, but there were plenty of gorgeous clothes. many beautifully crafted dresses were made. they were very ladylike, but not stuffy. they were very elegant, yet fun. i loved a black trouser ensemble with a cut out top that had a beaded beam neckline (it's not featured in the collage), and the impeccable cuts of the clothes. i love azzaro!


antonio berardi-models traipsed around in short frocks, some accessoriezed with ruffles and fur shrugs, or with heavy knitwear placed here or there. all looks were paired with tights and suede ankle boots or over the knee boots. and big shoulders were also featured at berardi, it seems that the concensus in the fashion world is that big shoulders are good.


andrew gn- this collection was very dark compared to the andrew gn spring 2009 presentation with it's exquisite multicolored embellishments on every piece of clothing and accessory, but i stil enjoyed the show. andrew gn put a lot of attention into detail and is definitely making clothes for a particular kind of woman, the kind of woman with tons of money, that gets a new wardrobe every season and dresses up for everything--including breakfast, lunch and dinner. but with this collection he gave the woman a dark edge. the model's eyes were rimmed in black and the clothing was darker. the gowns in this collection were absolutely exquisite.


giambattista valli- this was a very new look for giambattista valli, it was sharp and a bit minimalist compared to past valli shows with abundant prints and gigantic skirts. i liked it, even though it was simpler than what i am used to from valli. my favorite piece has to be that gorgeous maroon gown to the far right of the collage with a lovely peacock print on the hem.


collette dinnigan- dinnigan is a champion of fun, creative and unique everyday clothes. cute dresses to wear to get togethers or on shopping days, turtlenecks to throw on when it's too cold for a light blouse and amazing gowns for the rare occasions when you go somewhere special.


emanuel ungaro- i loved the look of this collection. i loved the african prints, the draping, the really high fashion ruching and the tastefully done big shoulders. this collection was yummy. i can't tell you how much i loved this collection, i LOVEEEEEE quirky elegance, and this was just it.


elie saab- i love elie saab. he's another great designer who knows how to dress women and knows when to change up the accepted shape of clothing at just the right time. i want to own all the looks in that collage. the electric blue cap sleeved sheath is so amazing and that beautiful black sequined/embellished dress is so perfect for a party. i would wear it to every part i was invited to.


dries van noten- this collection was a lot simpler than the dvn spring 2009 presentation. i liked it, but not at first...eventually i just gave into my love of the coolness of dries van noten (the label, i don't really know much about the man. all i know is that he has a really cool name). it was very louche and languid with loose sequined skirts, shirts, blazers, and variously colored sweaters and beautiful silk printed dresses.


costume national-i really loved this. this collection seemed to be based on a tough, nightclubber girl. she has time to put water in her hair, scrape it back, slick on red lipstick on put on the newest, hottest outfit she bought--and then she dances the night away.


commes des garcons- i'm surprised i actually liked this show. the spring 2009 show was horrible, in my opinion, and apparently i'm not cool enough--but i just don't get commes des garcons most of the time. anyway, this time i got it. and this time i loved it. it seemed to be inspired by military, and wars in the jungle. dresses and skirts were swathed with a meshy/tulle-y fabric that could be likened to mosquito netting, and the shoes were flat and had feet painted onto them, many jackets were army green and precise layering techniques were used.


christian lacroix- very well made clothes, especially the coats. the coats were all genius: big, slouchy, roomy, yet structured. and i loved the gigantic buttons.


christian dior-i love seeing christian dior shows, it makes me love, obsess over, and enjoy fashion so much more than i already do. all of the shows are so exciting all of the time, john galliano is so talented (and the makeup was crazy awesome as usual! wine colored lips and silver frosted eyes with lots of black liner and mascara)! the show definitely had some oriental influence, from both india and china with the makeup, the cutting and embellishment of the clothes, the setting of the show, etc. also thrown into the mix were some cool 1920s flapper looks and some bohemian paisley printed floaty dresses. so many colors were used. it was so fun to see.


chanel-this sounds so unlike me, but i am so getting sheen leggings now that i saw them featured at chanel (maybe). i was wondering if i should get i'm pretty sure i will. featured were frilly necks and sleeves of blouses and dresses, black shiny tights, seafoam green tweed, big and blousy sweaters and clear plastic compartment bags where you can strap in your ipod, chanel quilted bag and chanel cosmetics.


balmain- balmain gets more amazing every season. i loved almost every look. i really loved the short in front and long in back black gown isabeli fontana wore (third from left of collage). those kinds of dresses were featured in the spring 2009 collection too, but i think this one was an improvement.

fashion week notes

akris- i loved akris spring 2009 but i only liked akris fall 2009. there were lots of geometric cutouts featured as well as geometric prints and patterns for the clothing. everything was on an angle and very sharp, but at the same time wearable. i liked the color palette, it was a typical dark fall palette but nice subdued purples and reds were featured as well as black dresses (one a gown, one a knee length dress) that showed a lot of decollatage but were not overtly sexy because of the layering of the shiny black material, it made the dress look like revealing armor.

bruno pieters- gorilla fur arms on clothing seems to be all the rage, as bruno pieters is the umpteenth designer i've seen to feature the hairy arms in his collection. i wasn't digging the excessive use of capes, furry arms and muddy colors.

haider ackermann- this collection was lauded on was decent, but nothing amazed me.

hussein chalayan- the collection was good but i really didn't like the lighting.

Io Ipse Idem- interesting collection: cute skirt suits, dark palette and spats.

issey miyake- he based his collection off of karate and all of these looks were given the seal of approval from karate pros.

jasmine di milo- i really enjoyed three looks out of jasmine al fayed's fall 2009 collection. it was inspired by the changing phases of the moon. the models wore super tall white wedge heels with black straps. the collection definitely wasn't a fave, but there were some ok pieces.

ann demeulemeester- this collection seemed to be inspired by vampires. the palette was strictly black and white and all of the models were super pale and brooding.

anne valerie hash- the collection was soft and definitely a very modern form of feminine.

junya watanabe- the makeup in this show was so interesting and really creative. parts of the face were shaded with black makeup, at the sides of the nose, under the eyes and around the jawline. featured were a lot of puffer coats in cool shapes like cones or what looked to be deconstructed blossoms.

karl lagerfeld- nice suiting, empire waist dresses, nothing new.

kris van assche- models wore large, shapeless clothes and had mud on their faces...draw your own conclusions.

rochas- a very light and airy collection.

vivienne westwood- the hair and makeup was definitely inspired by pamela anderson. the lips were lined but not filled in, and the eyes were covered in dark shadow and liner. the finishing touch was bed-head hair. pamela anderson herself even got to walk the runway. featured were plaids, short skirts, long skirts, dresses that wrapped around the face and neck, violin clock necklaces, printed knee socks, etc.

yohji yamamoto- i never really get his collections...i can very well say i wouldn't want these looks alone to be in my wardrobe. i can look at some collections and want every look in my closet, but i know that having every look from this show (and nothing else) wouldn't do me good.

alexander mcqueen- one of the main things that caught my eye from this show were the enormous lips painted onto the model's faces. they had gobs and gobs of lipstick on that extended far from their lips. there was amazing construction in the clothes, everything was a work of art, and i thought the huge umbrella hat/headpiece he made was very interesting. that's actually an awesome invention. when it rains you don't have to hold an umbrella, your hat can be your umbrella! many different prints were featured, most noticeably houndstooth and some harlequinade prints, as well as supah supah high shoes. his creations were absolutely amazing, and i feel in lust with some of the pieces but the show as a whole wasn't to my liking.

yves saint laurent- i just wasn't feeling it.

chloe- a very neutral palette. i love chloe, but i didn't fall head over heels for this collection. it featured a lot of baggy bottoms--whether that be shorts, pant or skirts and well as velvet and big coats and blouses. it was pretty blah to me.

john galliano- galliano put on an amazing show, inspired by russian folklore. the clothes were great, the shoes were great, but everything didn't seem too wearable, and that is one of the things that usually makes me love a collection, if it at least seems wearable in some way. but these clothes were leaning towards costumey. i loved the model's makeup--very galliano. pale faces, bedazzled eyes and stained lips. scrumptious.


  1. You are always so thorough and well versed in your analyses, darling! I found the lips at McQueen disturbing too.

    Loved the silk draping (of skirts, especially) at Balenciaga. And the fur at Antonio Berardi was divine.

    Fab description of Gn!

    Loved Giambattista Valli and Ungaro. And of course Dior and Balmain were as exquisite as ever.

    Delightful post, and no apologies necessary!


  2. Always so great with the coverage on Fashion Week; so manyyyy collections, yet so little time. I'm itching to make some more collages myself! :]

    Thanks for the comment, lovely. Hope all is well, and that your weekend is a happy one. xx

  3. I love your summary haha. I really want to do one but I mean, by the time my finals are over I'm pretty sure people don't care. maybe end of the summer I will =) but this is so great!

  4. Talk about a SERIOUS collection dissection! Great job. You were spot on with a lot of the collections you dicsussed. I feel like the only futuristic space-age aspect to Balenciaga were the models faces and that mildly odd-looking makeup.

    Ungaro, Balmain, Chanel, and Chloe were SO chic and the most wearable collections from Paris.

    And I quote: "haider ackermann- this collection was lauded on was decent, but nothing amazed me" --> I love you.



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