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p.s. i just realized i tagged all of this fall 08. please ignore that. >.>


Monique Lhuillier- monique lhuillier is one of my favorite designers because she really knows how to make dresses. when a woman puts on a good dress she basically becomes a goddess. so that's what lhuillier essentially is...a goddess maker. ahahaha, that probably didn't make any sense, but what i'm trying to say is--lhuillier put on an amazing show. at least in my opinion. it was darkly whimsical with ripped/stretched stockings, and a beautiful color palette (greys, purples, navy, blacks...all of my fave colors). the models were accessorized with pearls that didn't look an ounce country clubbish and shiny baubles placed randomly. the title of the collection was modern ballets russes. i think it was named perfectly. i hope to see some of these looks at the oscars or on the red carpet in general! the five looks you see above are my absolute favorites, they're just dripping with character and mystery.


Tse- Lots of beautiful clean knits. this collection was amazingly simple but i fell in love with it anyway. who woulda thunk it? i loved the color palette: pumpkin orange, creamy white, greys, blacks, and beautifully bright plum. you could wear these looks everyday. they make me want it to be cold all of the time just so i could wrap myself up in these looks. and i don't like the cold.


Bibhu Mohapatra- i would describe this as a mix of quirky cute and elegant fluidity. i loved the fluid silks and chiffons used in the collection as well as the dusky blues, purples, greys, greens and tasteful embellishment. i don't remember ever seeing anything from this designer before but i was pleasantly surprised by the fresh outlook given in this collection. these clothes make me want to take a second look, even after having seen them multiple times while making this entry.


Jason Wu- one word to describe this collection is sophisticated. i loved the palette of light to rich dark blues wu used as well as the mix of floaty fabrics as well as heavy constructed fabrics. this collection really was fit for some super graceful duchess or someone to that don't know...michelle obama. :)


Yigal Azrouel- this show was so fun to look at. this show was definitely for cool girls only. every model had straight, sharp hair, darkened eyes, and a fierce pout. the color palette heavily relied on dark greys and blacks with a few colors or prints thrown in. i could wear the second look from the left every single day. it's so perfect--slim pants that elongate your legs, shiny high heeled boots, a simple grey tank and the best leopard print coat ever. tao okamoto (the model in the middle...i hope i spelled her name right) is quickly becoming one of my favorite models. i love her chic haircut and the way she wears clothes. she looks great in that dress. the last look to the far right reminds me a lot of lanvin but i love the crisp white paired with the darkest black. contrast is beautiful.


Rag & Bone- from the instant i started viewing the show i was amazingly pleased. rag and bone did the perfect play on basics. everything was wearable but never boring. i loved the leggings (not included in all the looks for the show) that seemed to be a mix of leather, spandex, and jersey and the flouncy mini skirts and the high messy buns on the models. the whole vibe was perfect! oh, and shorts with tights has never looked so good.


Hutson- from the people who brought you Obedient Sons & Daughters here is...Hutson! i'm loving the feel of this new line from the hutson couple. it has a very ysl-esque + chanel-esque + awesome-esque feel to it. i love the intelligent lady like ruffles and the sky high heels that i would not be able to walk in but would love to own anyway. the second look from the right is what gives the collection it's chanel-y feel. it featured a jacket/coat cut in a mini dress style with an empire waist and flap pockets. and i don't know if that coat is faux fur (it probably is)...but even if it's not i really want it (i'm feeling guilty!). look at the beautiful shape and the lovely construct of the sleeves and it hits at exactly the right place and it's so plush and soft. sighhh.


karen walker- walker featured cool shirts that were short in front and long in back, expertly made trousers, mini frocks and bucket hats as our fall forecast.


ruffian- i loved the sheer dotted stockings, the red lipstick and the straight hair on all of the girls. all of the clothes had a very young ladylike feel to it. every model looked her age in the clothes but at the same time looked very polished and intriguing. i want to wear pretty much everything in this collection. these are pieces that a teenage or 20-young 30 something eloise would wear (from the children's book eloise at the plaza).


ohne titel- this show was just exciting enough to get a collage devoted to it. i loved the heavy use of black, the skinny pants slashed at the knees and the amazing embellishment that managed to look space age but wearable all at once.


Abaete- this show had a slow start but i loved the looks that went down the runway as the show went on. i'd really love to own the dress to the far right.


ADAM- i wasn't expecting to like this show but the young upbeat looks drew me in. and doesn't iekeliene stange (model third from left) look great with blonde hair? i was pleasantly surprised when i saw her stomping down runways with her lighter locks. one of my fave pieces from this collection was the beautiful dress tao (model to the far right) is wearing. i love the colors and the cut.


Alexander Wang- i loved the bags and shoes in this collection. they are absolutely lust worthy. as said: alexander wang's rock chick has grown up. all of the models were styled with major edge but a bunch of polish and well placed maturity was dashed in as well. and it gave a good effect. i also really like the idea of the bra cupdresses. they are very sexy and stick to the ideal of the alexander wang girl.


Jenni Kayne- the looks were definitely for a smart girl that wanted to look decidedly sexy. there was a lot of use of embellishment, of texture, of fur, and of loose tops and tight bottoms or tight bottoms and loose tops. i liked the feel of this collection as lot, especially the pairing of the looks with gold baubles for necklaces and huge black eyeglasses. however, the collection wasn't outstanding. i'd give it an honorable mention. :)

Lyn Devon- lots of basics (pantsuits, blouses, breezy dresses) souped up with bright colors.

Acne- lots of clear plastic pants, amazingly high shoes and grungy looking models. it was ok, but not great. (london)

Vera Wang Lavender Label- it was decent, but not delightful. i want to be excited by new fashions! i don't want to feel de ja vu.

Rachel Roy- she said that she wanted this collection to have a decidedly strong feel, and it did. it used a lot of sharp asymmetrical cuts and all of the models wore sharp dark YSL-esque bobs and (YSL-esque again) black lips. she used lots of pastel colors, such as powder blue and pale lemon yellow (the color of the inside, not outside of the fruit) and lots of black and sheer panels. one of my favorite looks from the collection was an incredibly fierce black corset top with a black peplum paired with black straight legged trousers, several of her asymmetrical cocktail dresses and the last look worn by kinee diouf. a black gown look, with a sheer top and sequined skirt.

Peter Som- 16 looks of dissapointment...and I usually love anything that Mr. Som does. i disliked most of the looks save for a scant few (two to three looks). there was a lot of fur, brown or colored in a strange hue, lots of mixed prints, and socks with strappy/chunky high heels. maybe my expectations are too high?

United Bamboo- it was a pretty boring show in my opinion. it has straight laced schoolgirl + art girl. lots of wools, tweeds, sheer black sleeves and silky prints in dark muted colors abounded.

Staerk- very monochromatic and edgy. an appearance from fatima of america's next top model fame surprised me--she actually looked good in the runway picture. i never liked her on the show, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing her modeling dreams. the shoes in the collection were black pointy toed heels, some with silver tips to complement silver brooches pinned onto various ensembles.

Shipley & Halmos- very practical. all of these pieces i could wear daily. the clothes are all made very well, but at the same time i'm not excited. one reason is because they were blatently inspoired by various balenciaga collections (they just toned the look way down), and because the looks were so normal. i did like all of their models though.

BCBG Max Azria- the gold and pewter metallic wet look leggings were such a great and young touch. i'm expecting to see these a lot soon on hip girls. there was great use of velvet and silk which gave a very louche look to the collection. yet all the girls were style to look completely comfortable and cool and not one bit pretentious. the look was effortless. however, i couldn't see too many looks that wowed me.

*overall notes: leather high waisted shorts seem to be very popular for fall. they won't be flattering on all--how do i know this? even the models looked bad in them. also, i am seeing so much more asian models on the runways! yay, diversity!

part II will be up before you know it!


  1. wow, gorgeous!! I'm in love with lhuillier (per usual), Rag & Bone and Jason Wu--their collections are always so wearable and this season is no exception!

  2. azrouel, hudson, ruffian... ugh i love ALL of them!

  3. omgosh look at those Ruffian pieces and Adam Fall- stunning!!!

    I don't know who made the music but the reader who contacted me about the video mentioned this: "the film was directed by music video director, Nez." Really hope that helps a bit ;)


  4. great analysis.
    love that ruffian collection and rag and bone looks pretty good too - i just love anything with blazers!

  5. Loved Jason Wu and Ruffian so!

    And what WAS up with all those high-waisted shorts, particularly in leather? Ick!

    Awesome review, darling!


  6. Love jason wu, definitely alexander wang, rag and bone and something from each collections--great post!!!

  7. Monique Lhuillier, Jason Wu, Ruffian, Rag & Bone... oh, it's just a haven if style greatness!!

  8. I absolutely love Bibhu Mohapatra, Rag&Bone, Ruffia and Yigal Azrouel, WOW!!! *.*
    Great post :)

  9. i am so in love with Rag & Bone's collection!

  10. I did a post on Monique Lhuillier! I fell in love with those dresses, my favourite is the first one you showed with the cut outs.
    Vera Wang has got a little unoriginal lately.

  11. so strange, I tried to leave a comment on your post at the top but it would not work. Preen was absolutely stunning, definitely some great stuff at ny fashion week, now off to London!


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