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sorry this entry has been so late! you won't believe how busy i am. school, family, keeping up with my faith, reading your awesome comments and other fab fashion blogs and misc. my life has been hectic and lately i've been on an emotional rollercoaster. being a girl ain't easy! perusing over the spring 2009 couture shows really lifted up my mood though and gave me some much needed fashion inspiration. hopefully it inspires you too.

remember my coverage of the spring 2009 ready to wear fashion weeks back in fall? well get ready, because i'm gearing up to run that marathon again. bringing full (as possible) coverage of fashion week in new york, milan, london and paris to you!

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p.s. here are the links to my spring 2009 coverage if 1. you want to relive it 2. you never got to see it.


this collection had an amazingly soft feel. drape me in givenchy! the color palette of white, nude, pale lilac, pale yellow, pale mint and black. givenchy is so hot now and has been seen on many it girls and one of my fave models natalia vodianova more than once. i love the edge that ricardo tisci has added to womenswear. i want to be a givenchy girl, do you?


i was sold from the first look. i want to live in the world of john galliano's dior, with outlandish makeup that manages to look beautiful beyond compare, amazing feathered hats, tight and structured skirts, long legs and heels. the collection had some 40s/50s shapes but they were way more glorified with puffed out to there sleeves and voluminous skirts, and the gowns at the end of the show had a lovely baroque feel to it with the prints, colors and collars. the dress in the middle is fit for a barbie. i'd love to see it on the red carpet but i don't know who could do it justice, since it has a kind of costumey feel to it. i still love it, and look at the yellow wonder jourdan dunn is wearing (far right). beautiful as butter :)


the armani spring 2009 couture show had a slow start but things only got better as time went on. i could tell that a lot of time was put into this collection. everything was meticulate and amazingly tailored. i want to wear every dress in this collection. and i love the color palette! bright yellows, reds, purples, blacks and white/nudes. lovely. and it had a slightly oriental vibe. i must own the beautiful purple metallic beaded dress in the middle, as well as the purple dress on the far left...and it wouldn't hurt to have that amazing red one shouldered gown...


i don't always like the chanel collections. just because it's chanel isn't going to make me like it. however, i find that a while after each chanel collection the looks start to grow on me. things i said i hated now look very delectable...but for this collection i liked it right away. i loved the corseted waist look and all of the white looks that came out in the beginning, and the clean makeup looks. freja beha looked so cute in the last look with that big camelia on her head. lagerfeld is indeed a genius. he plays on the same chanel aesthetic every single season, spring, fall, resort, pre-fall, spring couture, fall couture and yet every season we get completely new looks! kudos to you karl.


i still miss alessandra fachinetti who was the head of valentino for a short time. now the head of valentino are
Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli who used to be the heads of the accessory dept. for valentino. this couture collection was very....old to me. it was a good collection but it wasn't great. i'm featuring it because it is the first couture collection by the new pair. a lot of the looks felt old womanly, motherly, and overwrought. however there were some refreshing designs that i hope to see in magazines and on red carpets (which are the ones i featured in the collage).


the first two looks were a little strange but as the show went on i fell in love! the feel was very parisian and very couture. this show makes me want to get seriously dressed up and looking fierce. there was a lot of netting in the dresses, and pleats, and cutouts. i love the pleated suit to the far right. very ladylike, but strong at the same time. the dress that chanel iman is wearing in the middle of the collage looks like it would be fun to wear, and chanel wears it well...i want to see someone else try to wear it!


elie saab is sooo talented. there were so many beautiful creations, it was almost impossible to pick only a few looks. i want to be a princess just to be able to wear his clothes. or maybe he'd be so kind to gift me a dress? probably not. but he is an amazing couturier, the skill and understanding of a woman's body that goes into this is mind boggling.

what do you think darlings?


  1. givenchy had the best couture show as well as dior. valentino was a bit plain to me.

  2. I adooooore your collages, especially Dior and Gaultier! What a treat for the eyes, darling!


  3. Of course you can add me to your oxygen list and your model list - I'd be extremly honoured, sweetie! I am soo sorry I haven't answered you sooner than here is pretty hectic. I'll add you too ;)

    Love your coverage! I really liked most of the collections, but I think my favourites were Givenchy and Dior. xoxo

  4. I love Dior. It was breath taking.

  5. Dior made my year...ahhh bliss! I love your page!! Can I follow?

  6. I love your comments, thank you.
    I also love your profile photo. Gorgeous model!
    and these Runway collages = so, so very great!!!


  7. aw you are so sweet, love! =]


    I love that song new one up today though...x

  8. Amazing Blog,


  9. I am still struggling to get over how incredibly beautiful Dior was.

  10. Ok, so Im fiending for your blog! What do you think of the Edwardian themes coming out? Ohhh I posted some makeup tips finally!

    You are fabulous doll...I can't wait for more! xo

  11. isn't nail polish the best? =] haha

    La C.

  12. i am back once again! i can't wait for fashion week - imagine how many collages you'll be making then! ;]

  13. I loved chanel and elie saab especially, great round up!

  14. I totally agree about the bus strike
    the mayor was saying the same thing, how can you strike at a time like this? The buses just started running again today, though it's only about about half service or less right now...
    I forgot what it's like to have the luxury of a bus, it's been two whole months!

  15. they're all so beautiful, but i love chanel :)

  16. thank you so much for your super sweet comment =]

    you must update soon! your collages are always so fun. & i am afraid of taking over your comment box! ;]

    La C.

  17. wasn't that christian dior show amazing?

  18. OMG! the pink dior dress .. how cute is it!!??


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