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if you have the money for higher end make up products, by all means buy them. they all have better color payoff, last longer, and you get more of a tingle when you buy them for some reason. but if you don't have a lot of money (like moi) then you can still indulge in makeup, you'll just be spending less money. i have bought most of my makeup (i don't wear foundation yet but i do have lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and blush, and of course nailpolish) from wet n'd wild. however two of my favorite blushes (the first two that i bought, and i still have because i don't wear makeup often) are from covergirl. recently i've been getting more into makeup (which i seem to say in every post) and i've been bying brushes and looking for more products. wet n' wild has such a great variety of products for SO cheap, and e.l.f has pleasantly surprised me with an amazing mini makeup palette that i try to use as much as reasonably and normally possible. with cheap makeup, as with any makeup, comes dissapointments, and i'll list some of my great cheap makeup joys and dissapointments here.

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wet n' wild megaliner liquid eyeliner

i bought this eyeliner maybe a year or a year and a half ago. maybe even two years ago? i can't remember, but i've had it for some time. it was the first eyeliner i bought for myself, i think. everyone seemed to be using liquid eyeliner and i liked the bold effect it gave so i wanted to try it out. i didn't wear it much, but when i did it lasted. the color goes on well, it lasts for as long as you need it to last (as long as you don't rub your eye, then it can smear), and it comes in a variety of colors. i only tried the black, but many people like the colored versions as well. the only thing i don't like about this product is that it makes it easy to make mistakes. liquid eyeliner is really hard if you're trying it out for the first time and the brush is thin and short and bends in places it shouldn't, but for $1.99 it's a good deal, and the product lasts. it doesn't dry out easily, even if the cap might detach from the brush like mine did.

wet n' wild creme eyeliner

this product comes in two colors: black and eggplant. i have it in black. this liner is absolutely amazing, i love it's creamy consistency and the rich black color it lines my eyes with. it is best applied with an angled eyeliner/shadow brush (i use my ecotools angled liner brush). the product comes with an angled liner brush, but it is VERY VERY hard and stiff and once the liner is in the brush it feels like you're running a cement block over your eyes...so don't use the brush that comes in the box. this wnw product is comparable to MAC's blacktrack gel liner or stila's smudgepot liners. i highly recommend the wet n' wild creme eyeliner! i think it is priced at $2.99.

wet n' wild defining marker

this is a brand new product from wnw. i picked it up last week and i absolutely love it. i've been wanting covergirl's eyeliner marker for the longest time but could never find it and eventually stopped looking for it, so i was thrilled to see this t the wnw stand at my local drugstore. this defining marker gives you a precise line. you can go super thin or super thick. it gives you a rich black color and it's easy to hold and handle! if you want to blend it out, you can but it'd be easier it do that with a brush rather than your finger because this dries quickly. i love this marker and use it every second i get! i love it just a teensy weensy bit more than my creme eyeliner. just an itty bitty bit. it comes in one color: blackest black.

wet n' wild pencil eyeliner

i own this eyeliner in white and charcoal. these colors work fine, but they are hard to blend. i wish they were softer/creamier. however, for the price you get a good product. even though i have dark skin i use the white in my waterline to brighten up my eye and make them look bigger. if i get a flesh toned eyeliner anytime soon i'll use that. white eyeliners can work on any skincolor, however if you're really dark use a light hand with the white eyeliner so that it doesn't look unnatural. these eyeliners are .99 cents!

wet n' wild cream shadows in pop art

i bought this off of my mom because i needed some cream eyeshadows and i tried to use this as a base for my powder eyeshadows. i love the colors in this compact. they all look great on my skintone and i like to use the illuminator on my lips, instead of my cheeks (i have oily skin, so i don't really need illuminator that much. i am perpetually illuminated); it gives my lips a really nice frosty sheen. these cream eyeshadows work best alone, they're not good bases for eyeshadows...they will crease, and they'll crease alone as well...but not as much as if you were wearing powder eyeshadows along with it. if you don't have money for good cream eyeshadows you can buy this...my mom says that revlon's are better. i have yet to try them but my mom loves them and so do a lot of other makeup savvy people. these are $3.99. they are not on the wnw website but i believe you might still be able to find them in some stores.

wet n' wild nailpolishes

great color selection and cheap prices! what more could you ask for? they have some for 99 cents, some for 1.99 and some for 2.99. i have some of their nailpolishes from each collection. i have mystic quartz (a beautiful purple hue) from their cok solid collection which i bought on clearance for $1.49, royal red from their crystalic nail color collection (such an amazing color, if this is the only color you get, get this one), and lavender pearlescent, black creme, top coat and base coat from their wild shine collection.

covergirl cheekers blushes

i got two cheekers blushes from my local drugstore on sale after i found out they were beauty award winning. i see why they won awards! they have great color payoff and the color is buildable. and you get a good amount of blush for your money. but keep in mind i don't use my makeup a lot, anyway they have lasted. i got the blushes in soft sable (a beautiful, shimmery soft brown) and pretty peach (a matte, coraly pink). the applicator that it comes with is pretty effective too. i used that for the longest before i finally got a little makeup brush set.

e.l.f primer and liner sealer

i ordered this in hopes of being able to keep my eyeshadow from creasing with the primer side and being able to make cooler eyeliner from my eyeshadows. none of those hopes have been fulfilled. i guess i was asking too much from a $3 product. however, by spreading the primer side evenly over your eye you can really brighten up your eye area, even if you're not going to be putting eyeshadow over it. the primer side is essentially a concealer for light-medium complexioned individuals. i've decided to not be cheap with eye primer and hopefully i'll be getting urban decay primer potion soon, which if you don't know is amazingly popular and apparently 100% effective at making your eyeshadow vibrant and keeping it from creasing/fading all day.

e.l.f eye shadow brush and blending brush

[e.l.f eyeshadow brush]

i decided to get these because having one eyeshadow brush wasn't enough and i needed a brush to blend out my eyeshadows, especially if i used more than one color. these brushes are AMAZING. they are soft, and they do their job and they're only $1!

e.l.f. mini makeup palette

i received this for free after meeting a quota for an order from eyelipsface (e.l.f.). i am amazed with how pigmented the eyecolors are and the amazing selection of lipcolors in the kit. the blush they have in the kit are cheap dupes of nars orgasm and laguna blush and work fine. they're not the best blushes in the world, but they're pretty good. included is a lip brush, eye shadow applicators and brow powder. what i really love are the eyeshadows and lipcolors. it's new from their studio line and retails for $15.

hope you enjoyed! leave comments, rate/recommend my entry and subscribe if you'd like. toodles :)


  1. Mmmm I've tried a lot of drugstore products and they all do a sort of halfassed job. I do love Loreal HIP cream eyeliner though.

    I'm trying to work my way towards buying nicer makeup. It's so hard bc drugstore makeup is so tempting, and cheap!

    Thanks for te reccommendations...will definitely try some.

  2. I'm a bit picky with drugstore makeup; it all depends on the brand's individual product/line!

    La C.

  3. Haha we all love boys (:

    La C.


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