Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the first lady + dolce and gabbana?


a first lady hasn't worn dolce & gabbana before, and i'm not sure if any other lady in the political limelight has worn dolce & gabbana before either. if one has...please inform me.

dolce & gabbana is a brand built on sex appeal, glamour and a slight edge of fantastical delusion (the kind of delusion experienced after partying for long periods of time). it's understandable that a first lady or any other female political figure would not want to be associated with that for fear of looking disrespectful, misrepresenting her husband, etc. (really, there is so much that people in the political world worry about and they want to keep up appearances).

however, i feel that this dolce and gabbana sleeveless silk blend dress is incredibly modest and still communicates a quiet sexiness. i love the color, the cut and those fabulous pockets. the exposed zipper at the back is a great touch too. i think that the first lady, michelle obama, would look great in this.

there have been complaints that she wears way too many cardigans. i'm sure if she wore this, it would look great with a cardigan--but it would be clean, simple, classic, and a great display of her shoulders if she wore it without a cardigan.

this dress can be purchased for $495 from netaporter.


  1. you are so right. she would look so good in this. and her arms are amazing anyway so i hope she wouldn't wear the cardi.

  2. Divine find, darling! Love it!


  3. I emailed you back. I hope you got the email. Thanks!

  4. I would honestly be shocked if a first lady wore Dolce & Gabbana. What I find so funny about the whole fashion & politics mixed is a lot of politicans are against homosexuality, but quite a few designers that they wear are gay. Make you wonder right? But that's another topic. I wouldn't bee too suprised if Michelle Obamam wore it though. It's so her, and she's been seen on the cover of a magazine before in McQueen amd we all know how bold and out there his designs were back in the past and slightly now.


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