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fall 2009 haute couture part II

welcome to part II of my coverage of the fall 2009 haute couture collections! please leave comments- it means the world to me, your support keeps me going!
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alexis mabille

this collection was light, floaty, girly and full of lace and solitary black bows with long ribbons. in the beginning it really just reminded me of a ready to wear show. as the show went on it definitely had a more couture feel, and really it was the shoes that got me. i love the elgant tstrap and silky ribbon at the back of some of the shoes (example is snakeskin one to the far left, they were also shown in black). hey, you people at alexis mabille, send me over a pair in 9 or 8.5 US size! i definitely wasn't wowed or overly excited after seeing this collection (especially after seeing christian dior), but i loved the uber feminine feel, and the lingerie look of some of the pieces. all of the looks i chose to put in the collage i'd love to see on the red carpet, or on me ;). i think the third dress from the left is ingenious, and funkily beautiful. don't you?



i liked this collection, it wasn't my favorite because it didn't seem groundbreaking. it featured a lot of the givenchy we already know. it showcased fierce shoe boots that stretched up the calf and had holes for each toe to stick out of, and of course a lace up detail. lots of black was featured in the beginning of the show, and that gave way to black looks with heavy gold jewelry, cream dresses with colored jewel embellishments, enrusted bustiers and then all white ensembles. the three dresses featured in the collage would be so great for red carpet! i absolutely loveeeeeeee the design of the cream dresses with jewel embellishment. i really love the cutaway trend in gowns right now. showing skin in unexpected places is so exciting. we all know showing cleavage is supposed to be sexy, but showing your waist, back and collar bones are just as sexy! the beautiful dip-dye dress is so classic and yet different...all i can say is that i like it.


christian lacroix

the whole fashion world knows that the lacroix house is in trouble. lacroix filed for bankruptcy and this collection was put together at the last minute. only 25 looks were shown, and all of them definitely didn't have the couture feel to it. i really miss the old fantastically flamboyant and crazily colorful lacroix. however, this couture collection did have some great pieces that i really hope gets lots of attention. they are classic pieces that one could wear for a long time but they all have their own original thumbprint. most of the pieces were black, but they weren't just black ensembles: they were black lacroix ensembles with amazing elegance as well as quirkiness. i know dita von teese or eva green would look so fab in the outfit on siri tollerod (second from left), and the dress third from left is amazing! i love tulle! if i had enough money to be ordering couture, i would order that dress pronto. i also think the dress would look great on keira knightley...



i absolutely loved this collection. classic chic and style at its best! lagerfeld, you are a true, true talent. reinventing the chanel look with every collection and yet keeping its true essence. towards the end of the collection there were some pieces that seemed out of place, dresses with sequins that outlined the shape of the breast and nipples and a red sequined dress with a grey smear across it, but pretty much all of the collections were absolutely exquisite. i loved the beloved chanel edwardrian ankle boots, the absolutely beautiful lace leggings, the lace lampshade hats, the styling, the makeup, the models...just...all of it! i loved it!


armani prive

this has got to be one of my favorite recent armani collections. i haven't really been loving armani, but this collection BLOWS ME AWAY. i wish i could make a collage with all of the looks in this collection, and i don't even think the four looks that i chose to show give you the full scope of the collection, but it does showcase some beautiful pieces that i wish i could wear. the color palette ranged from deep blue, to cerulean blue, to shimmering nudes, blacks and greys. of course there were heavily embellished numbers and i loved the cutaway halter design that armani chose to showcase in some looks in this couture collection. this collection is so me. i want to wear many of these pieces!

so far my favorite collections are dior, armani and chanel. but that's only so far, let's see what the rest of the week brings us!


  1. Lovely, all so lovely. Very romantic and fashion-forward a great mix of the two spectrums! :)

    Thanks for commenting, how have you been otherwise?


  2. gorgeous but that givenchy collection isn't the fall 2009 haute couture one go on and the one emulating gold studs and protection is the most recent one ;)
    nicky x

  3. Your selection of looks and reviews are always so enjoyable to behold! Love that Alexis Mabille lattice dress!


  4. thanks for your comment nicky, but i'm afraid you're mistaken, the looks that i selected to put into the givenchy fall 2009 haute couture collage ARE indeed from the givenchy fall 2009 haute couture collection. review the collection and you'll see :) the beginning of the show had a lot of black while the latter part of the show revealed lighter pieces.

  5. oh sorry Zoe such a contrast in style in the show that I didn't even realize ! My mistake :D
    nicky x x x

  6. You are so right - that tulle Lacroix dress WOULD look amazing on Keira Knightley. Maybe Natalie Portman as well?

    Anyway, loved reading this - I loved the Givenchy collection!

  7. you have great photos here.
    I liked very much. nice blog!


  8. thank you for your comment too.
    I speak in Portuguese:)
    visit me here, please:


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