Friday, July 31, 2009

thanks halie!

i was just given a gorgeous award by the amazing halie from thanks for passing it on to me, and congrats to you for receiving it in the first place!

as a result of receiving the award i have to bestow it upon 10 other very deserving fashionistas and list 10 interesting facts about myself. it's so funny, whenever i am asked to say something interesting about myself i forget everything about me that could be considered interesting. what's with that?

this award is seriously the most beautiful award i've seen! i love love love it.

i pass it on to:
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10 facts about me

1. i love all genres of music except heavy metal and i really really love classical music. my favorite composer is bach and i think my favorite song is air. it's so transcendent!

2. i'm obsessed with youtube makeup gurus. they are all so talented and can all apply makeup so well. check out ones like panacea81 (she deserve all of her success!), xteener, itsjudytime, julieg713, and there are so many more...oh, and michellephan is good too! she started out on xanga as RiceBunny.

3. i've studied spanish, french, igbo and japanese but all i can speak is english.

4. my mom is model height but i'm short. and i always wish that i could miraculously grow taller, but i'm pretty sure my growth has stopped. however, i believe my little sisters are going to be super duper tall, so my plan is to become their modeling agents. ahahaha, :) i always joke around with them about that.

5. i'm really competitive. especially over games like jeopardy and random quiz games that you play at parties. i'm horrible at sports though.

6. i love dressing up and do believe that i have very good taste and put together smashing outfits, but i don't know if i'll be showing them on this blog like most other fashion bloggers do. that could change though?

7. i really like hilary duff's with love perfume. and i own it. smells lovely!

8. you guys all knows this, but i'm obsessed with robert pattinson! everytime i see him on a magazine cover i swoon. i just want to meet him once! can someone arrange that please?

9. i don't travel. my family never goes anywhere! i think that's why i'm always on the computer. i'm living vicariously through the awesome people who blog about their traveling adventures.

10. i love to dance, sing, and act (danced a lot in hs, mainly in performances but not on a dance team). i love all things art and music, but over artsy and over music-y kids annoy me to know end. i'm sure there is a way to love art and music without shoving it down people's throat all of the time. my annoyance with these kids mainly comes from going to a school where there was an abundance of these individuals.

i hope you enjoyed reading that? :)
thanks for all of the comments as usual! and i'm working on a what to wear's been taking me a while because everytime i start working on it my computer spazzes, but hopefully i'll be done with it soon!

♥ me


  1. Igbo?! I don't even know what that is, haha. And I also love Hilary Duff's perfume! I'm not her biggest fan, but it smells amazing.

  2. Gorgeous award! Congrats and thanks for honoring me!

    I am so competetive too :)


  3. oh thanks so much, i'm very honoured :)

  4. Zoe, thank you for the fabulous and beautiful Award!I proudly displayed it on my Blog. What a great list of 10!!! I had to smile about #3 and # 9 and # 10 !You are an artistic, creative soul and it is such a pleasure to know you!:-)))


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