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how to wear a t-shirt and jeans: day, afternoon, night

hi all!
i hope the new year has started off well for you. i've been busy with various things, but i haven't forgotten about you gys! here's a new entry, our first entry of the new year. a lot of our go-to uniforms are a t-shirt and jeans. i know i wear jeans a lot, and i'd love to be able to wear them from day to night. jeans are very versatile and can be styled different ways, and jeans don't just look any one way anymore. they come in different cuts, different colors, and some even come coated (a coated jean is featured in today's entry). whether you like them skinny, wide, colored, or in a classic blue there's a jean for you! and there's a fab t-shirt to pair it with. the pairing is simple but it works every time.

♥ me



i really love this outfit. i could picture pretty much any girl wear it. it's classy, yet edgy. i think the skinny zip ankle corduroy pants in bright navy for only $13.50 from forever 21 are the focal point of this outfit because they give a subtle, yet lovely pop of color to the ensemble. leather jackets are still big for 2009, and i love the cut and look of the petra faux leather jacket from forever 21. to tough up the look and give it a tough, cool girl look i would pair it with flat punky boots like these grey yoko lace-up boots and this amazing silver dimpled metal ring for only $3.80 from forever 21. the white v-neck is a nice light color to break up the black and navy, and the grey hue of the boots is also a nice touch (better than black in my opinion, but black could work well too).

i can just see a cool girl in this outfit with long, tousled hair (or short tousled hair, but it has to be tousled) strutting downtown looking so good that people are forced to take her picture. be that girl! try this look. it's relatively easy. and if you don't have a leather jacket try a nylon jacket in this shape or a black blazer.



afternoon style is still laid-back but it's a bit more polished than day style. in the day some people are still half asleep, but in the afternoon everyone's awake and paying attention to details. i made sure there were a lot of details in this outfit with some amazing gold jewelry such as this lovely square bangle set from citrine by the stones for $99 from shopbop. i am absolutely in love with the gorjana olive leaf earrings, they match the bangles nicely and add some fanciness to this outfit. this outfit is on the border of hippie boho chic and grunge. i've never seen a shirt like this monrow crocodile v tee, this piece adds the hippie boho chic feel i mentioned earlier. when you look down at the jeans you can see the grunge aspect. current/elliot has quickly become a celeb fave jean brand, and i love their boyfriend jeans. it's a nice slouchy shape that seems to work well on most. they're ripped in all the right places and i like the worn blue color.

polish off the look with immaculate black flats from dkny and this gorgeous black bag with golden zippers (to complement the bangles and earrings) from temperley london. i can see a girl wearing her hair back in a polished ponytail (possibly with a shiny black headband) in this outfit. the shirt and the pants are already so laid back, so you have to keep the accessories and hair sharp so that you don't look too much like a hobo.



i love this outfit. i could totally picture jen brill wearing it. what i love most is black milk seven protect me jean for $69.99 from urban outfitters. they look like glossy leggings, but will hold you in better than glossy leggings because they are made of cotton, spandex and they have a coating. so it'll be like you're wearing binding, glossy, black ink on your legs! the multifaceted sparkle of the beaded speakeasy vest from silence and noise complements the sheen of the pants very well. and the basic white shirt is a fab canvas. with only the jeans, vest and shirt you have a palette of black and white. add some color with red heels, such as the jeffrey campbell frill heel and the blue teardrop in the filigree tear drop with stones earrings. the jeff campbell shoe has a thick 3 inch heel that will give height and comfort, for looking nice and being able to dance and walk around too!

the key to wearing a t-shirt and jeans at night is SHINE. you must have some kind of shine, sparkle or glitz to your ensemble...or else it's not snazzy enough to wear at night!

so there you have it! a way to wear jeans and a t-shirt in the day, afternoon and night! ♥

tell me what you thought, and which outfit is your fave. :)


  1. Oh, it's no problem. I'v actually had and isssue with ter before on the topic, at The Fashion Spot. What she does is beyond amazing, but at times she does get a little dellusional and a tad bit rude. I'm not trying to bash her becasue anyone can see what a great job she does but, she's says she does it for fun, but it's clear own overly obssesed she is. She's supposidly transferreing her blog overy to WordPress sometime in febuary (I never told you lol), and I am changing my whole blog over, the black background isn't too easy on the eyes anymore.

    On a completly different side note...
    I love the outfits! The first and last are my favorite, because those are all essential items, they can easily be worn again in a whole new way. Teh second outfit is just as great, but theose are all stand alone items. <3

    Thanks for the really sweet comment.

  2. Love all these collages - you are a superb stylist! My fave is the last look - that vest!!


  3. Great ideas, I love the day looks. I kind of prefer not to wear denim in the evening, although with amazing heels it can look fabulous.

  4. Love that first look :)

    Hahha and thanks for the suggestion, but we would need to have an actual photographer to do that!

  5. i love the black milk jeans.
    or, pants, rather .


  6. Wonderful ideas! I can definitely picture Jen Brill in the last outfit too. Fantastic x

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