Wednesday, January 28, 2009

paint the!

my mom loves black. it's pretty much her fave color, and she wears it all the time. i used to tell her to stop wearing so much black and would go on about how i hate head to toe black. obviously i didn't have any style then because head to toe black is hot (when it's done right of course). this is one of my fave collages i've ever made. check out liya kebede looking so hot/fierce in the cutouts from the lanvin fall 08 campaign. isn't she amazing? raquel zimmerman looks good too but liya looks better no doubt. hope you enjoy this entry and leave more sweet comments. thanks for all of the comments, i love to read them!
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betsey johnson is such a fun designer. she knows how to bring out a lot of unexpected elements in all of her designs. especially her beautiful dresses. i love this betsey johnson queen of hearts party dress. i love the name of it (reminds me of alice in wonderland...that movie isn't that great, but i like the idea of it), and the look of the dress is really sweet--from the sweetheart bodice, to the giant sash, to the layered skirt. sexy and sweet.

the edginess of the boessert-schorn ribbon patchwork shirt and the french connection sassy sleeveless is just perfect. it can add edge to a casual outfit (think those tops paired with jeans or shorts...heels/flats/sandals/boots/whatev) and could still be elegant. you can tuck either into a black pencil skirt and look hot to trot.

prom's coming up you know! it's not right around the corner...but you should start thinking about it. i think the silver sequined black evening gown by marc bouwer for $895 is such a perfect gown. all eyes would be on you if you were in it. and A LOT of celebrities wear marc bouwer, no wonder, his dresses are classic and princessy (but not in an obnoxious way).

i love the simultaneous delicate and tough feel of the wouters & hendrix mini onyx studs. they're over $100...and way over my budget. but that doesn't mean i can't love 'em! check 'em out at the amazing site

did you know? black nails are all the rage! in fact...i think black nails are the new black. har har har. :) get the look by splurging on a bottle of lancome le vernis divine lasting color and shine for $18 from

what do you think? is black the new black?


  1. Basic black is the perfect way to dress. It's always classic, always cool and of course, chic.

    Kindred spirits indeed. I thought I was alone on the evaporated milk front =]

    I already beat ya to it. A photo shoot with my hat and hair down. Soon to come. Wait. for. it. ;]

    thank you

  2. Black will always be the new black - especially for basics and stunning evening pieces, though tried and tested, the LBD will never go out of style. Long, manicured black nails always look elegant too, just match out for chips unless you want to chanel the emo kid look!

    Btw - clothes>hoes>bros = so true!


  3. Your collages rock!

    Black is DEFinitely the new black! Love that Marc Bouwer gown so!


  4. great collage! and black is always the new black. my mom always wore head to toe black, too. that's prolly where my love for it came from.

  5. black is always the new black! i love that color :)

    La C.

  6. can never go wrong in black, nice collage!!!

  7. Black is and will always be the new black in my opinion.It's my favorite color because it looks good - always.

    The studded gladiators are awesome.

  8. Liya does look amazing, she has a natural fierceness about her!

  9. i really like your colour series!

  10. i really ought to buy a few more purple items for my closet - i only have 3 items! but that's only because black dominates my closet :)

    La C.

  11. I was thinking that last night actually a Lisa Frank inspired collection on the Runway! =]

    As for my SSB, well I never make/eat them in front of him (my guy) because then I'd have to share. Thus the reason why I hide my "ingredients" and only eat it alone. HAHHA. ;]


  12. the lancome polish looks soooo pretty and sparkly. love your blog!



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