Wednesday, January 21, 2009

obama inaugural style on jan 20, 2009

yesterday was AMAZING. a day that will go down in history as the biggest inauguration ever with nearly 2 million people attending (the unofficial estimate was 1.9 million at the end of the night), and the inauguration of the first black president of the United States! this means so much to so many people and shows how much the United States has changed in a short span of time. less than 50 years ago there was still segregation in this country. can you believe that? and there wasn't just racial hate against blacks--it was against any non-white person! today a big part of the United States is non-white, and these black, hispanic, native american, middle eastern, indian, chinese, japanese, vietnamese, laotian, indonesian, south american, w/e people-- are the building blocks of this nation. many minorities started out as groups of slaves or indentured servants or incredibly poorly paid workers who came here either forced or of their own volition. either way they were treated atrociously. now there's a precedent--someone who isn't solely a caucasian individual can be president of the United States, they can be a success and they can be looked up to and admired by their peers and the world.

besides that...yesterday was amazing because michelle obama and her daughters malia and sasha looked absolutely stunning. they were classy and modern and trendy all at the same time. they looked beautiful and stylish from head to toe. michelle was beautiful in a golden coat, dress, cardigan and crystal/diamond brooch and olive green gloves and green shoes in the day and radiant in a nude gown at night. i expected her to wear a jewel tone, but she didn't dissapoint--her choice was a very pleasant surprise.

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thanks for reading and leave comments about how you spent the inauguration and what you think of what michelle and her daughters wore (and yes, mr. president...barack obama...looked very dapper in his suit and coat in the day and tuxedo and white bow tie at night). :)

p.s. i just had an entry about wearing nude toned clothes and michelle obama opted for nude colored clothes for inauguration! woot :D not that my entry influenced her choices in any way, she had that stuff prepared before.


  1. love the coats that the Obamas were wearing, Michelle Obama look gorgeous in that jason wu dress, of course Mr. president looks so dapper!!! xx

  2. The whole family looked perfect!!! Congrats to President Obama!


  3. i think i've already raved enough on my blog through various posts how much i'm in love with the obamas :) fabbb collage, darling!

    La C.

  4. lol we have a style maven here. Predicting trends before they even start :)

    I thought they were all equally well dressed, i agree they exuded class, sophistication and style. I'm from NZ so had to watch the first dance between Mr and Mrs Obama and by then end of the song i was in tears. Beautiful post hun

    Eelie xo


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