Monday, January 19, 2009

paint the town...nude!

hello my dear readers!
i bet you are looking at the title of this entry and are thinking..."??!". well...let me attempt to explain this eloquently. we are in a recession that could soon spiral down into a depression. as money and jobs become more scant and life gets harder every aspect of our life gets impacted. our family life, our social life, our school/work life...and even our "fashion" life. for those who love to read fashion blogs, fashion magazines, follow fashion seasons and the ebb and flow of various trends, this can be shocking and traumatizing. a love of fashion runs deep for many individuals, and being able to feed that love through shopping for clothes or fashion related pariphenilia, or just dressing fantastically is basically a must.

as it becomes more difficult to feed our fashion fueled appetite we revert back to the basics. we start wearing more black, because everyone has black and it matches everything and black is just always chic. as much as we try to pretend, there will never be a new black. we also start wearing more nude toned clothes such as whites (to go with the black), taupes, beiges, warm yellowy browns, browns, chocolates, etc. why is that? well look at our skin and the range of colors it comes in! it goes from extremely pale white, to yellowy tones, to yellowy orange tones, to olives, to light browns, medium browns, dark browns, deep chocolates and inky blacks as we move through the globe. we're basically dressing in colors similar to the natural garb we already have: our skin.

and there's one other color we throw into the mix: red. we need some excitement when we're dressing in black and ranges of nude tones. red gives instant zing and a certain kind of polish.

in the first part of this paint the town series i hope you enjoy the nude colored items i picked and the images that accompany it.

♥ me

p.s. sorry this intro note was so long! :D


i love everything in this little visual montage. i am especially lusting after the beautiful windy sheer woven top from f21. it's a perfect spring/summer piece and would look nice against many complexions (not all though). to make sure a nude doesn't wash you out you have to make sure it has an undertone that contrasts with yours. if your complexion is warm and creamy/milky your nude has to have a bright, clear, cold undertone. if your skin has cool undertones, your nude should have warm undertones.

the report signature masonic sandal is so fierce. i love the studs and that shade of brown! yum! and look at that chloe heloise metallic shoulder bag! this bag is one of my fave bags of all time because of it's classic, yet innovate and new design. it's over $2,000 but it's a great investment pieces. chloe bags can handle a LOT of wear and tear since they are made out of heavy/thick leather. and if you ever want to sell it me, it won't be hard to. everyone loves chloe.

nude tones seem to add a touch of romance to everything. that's what i think the nude strips of fabric did for the philosophy di alberta ferretti silk chiffon tiered dress. if it was all black it would have had a tougher vibe, but with the nude panels it feels more feminine and romantic.

at the golden globes we saw many famous beauties swathed in nude tones. such as eva mendes and demi moore. they wore the dresses gracefully and the nudes accented the hue of their birthday suits perfectly!

next entry: paint the!


  1. i loove the colour nude .
    i find on certain people it looks absolutely ravishing .


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog love!

    I really enjoyed yours, the collage is brilliant. Hope to keep in touch,


  3. neutral, neutral neutrals! i'm loving it! (:

  4. This is a wonderful post. Depending on what side of the bed a awake on every morning hearing someone say "____is the new black" has the potential to irk me till no end. Black will always be the 'new black' as it were. Again wonderful and informative post :)


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