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what to wear: back to school fall 2009

so school has started for many of you already, and school started for me on monday. so far, so good...but that's because i haven't received any homework or tests yet. soon enough i'll be up to my ears in work. i still have one more class where i have yet to meet my teacher. hopefully that goes well!

anyway, in this entry you'll find back to school friendly outfits for those of us who are high school students and then for trhe collage gals out there. in high school there is a lot you can get away with (wild mismatching with prints and colors) and a lot you can't get away with (cleavage, showing too much leg)...of course, this is if you don't wear a uniform and your dress code isn't too harsh. at the same time, keep in mind that you're a young teenager...there is no need to go to school in 5 inch heels, showing lots of leg and having your chest hang out for all to see. even for college students, i don't recommend going to class like that...because it's distracting and might even be uncomfortable. but then again, fashion really doesn't have any rules. just keep in mind that you don't want to turn any people off to you (especially your teachers) before the year has even started!

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the young and fresh look is for the high school newbies or any highschooler who is starting to experiment with fashion and is going for a clean and easy to attain look. you'll be guarenteed to look sharp and classically cool in a dark blazer, a white top, and dark wash boot cut jeans. you can't go wrong with this look, unless you ruin it with your posture! always remember to stand up straight :)

for the girl who identifies herself as sweet but sassy we know that your style is far from boring; while you wear classic pieces you always spice up your outfit with something fun and you take pride in being original and having pieces that others own. the best place to find pieces that others don't own is thrift stores! i love shopping there, you can always find something at a thrift store. i was able to find a really cute and original outfit from one of my fave sites to go to: it has a great selection of clothes, it reminds me of forever 21 but with a bit more edge and original pieces. you'll look ultra cute in the purple low layer dress with a chic black belt. carry your books in style with the beautiful lilac weave pocket purse.

the rocker chick look is definitely in. if you're rockin and rebellious the high school hallways are your runway and you want everyone looking at you. you're not afraid of trying new things and are excited that the rock chic look is in this fall. mix prints by wearing a trendy off the shoulder zebra screenprinted top paired with fun leopard leggings. add some height, but keep comfortable and school appropriate with wedge heels!

do you have to wear a school uniform?

spice up your look by trying out different hairstyles. try high buns/high ponytails, waved hair, etc. accessorize with fun earrings and bracelets, wear colored tights or knee socks if allowed, change the color of the laces in your shoes, cinch your vest with a belt, and wear your look with confidence!



the fashion style that fits me when it comes to school is definitely cute but comfy. i am no sex bomb, and although i do consider myself a fashionista...i'm no victoria beckham! if you too classify yourself as cute but comfy does this define you?: you're in college and you're loaded down with an inconvenient schedule and a heavy courseload (like me :/) and your number one priority when it comes to clothes is that they need to be comfortable. however, you don't want to be in school looking like you just rolled off of the couch after pulling a late nighter (even if you did). if you wear makeup, keep it light and fresh--using concealer to hide dark circles and annoying blemishes.

rompers are so easy to wear and the florent romper by sunner is soooooo chic and cute. i love everything about it, and would definitely wear it to school. keep your feet comfy with these amazingly adorable marc by marc jacobs miss marc ballet flats. i want to own everything with miss marc on it. i love that character! the rebecca minkoff nikki hobo is a great color and can hold a lot of stuff. it goes well with this outfit and i just love it.

some of you might say just because you're taking a few college courses doesn't mean you have to dumb down your sex appeal. as you girls know you don't have to be naked to be sexy, you just have to wear clothes that fit you and also that complement your skin and hair color, making you glow. if you try too hard to be sexy, EVERYONE will be able to tell. so if you're studious but sexy the outfit in the middle of the collage from bebe and zappos might appeal to you. the top grabs attention with it's stripe of sequins and the pencil skirt hugs in all the right places. for a bit of height try out a metallic wedge sandal.

now, if you have the title of campus fashionista you wear what you want, when you want. temperature, time, trends, don't hold you down. despite all of this you're always looking chic, and when you walk across campus you're the girl that everyone wants to know. i would imagine a campus fashionista wearing something current, timeless, and electrifying. try out the new pant shape with the asos tailored tapered trousers. i looked around forever for the perfect tailored trouser/jodphur kind of pant, and it was so hard to find a pant like that that didn't make your butt look big. this pant doesn't make your butt look big, so go get it! unless your butt if already humongous of course...then don't get it.

the pants would look great with a bright top tucked loosely into it. complement the color scheme of your ensemble with the asos peeptoe slingback high front sandal in grey.

hopefully you enjoyed this! thanks for all of your comments :)


  1. Zoe, I find your posts unbelievably inlightning. Not that I have difficulty putting my outfits together, but it is just that lately I noticed that it is more difficult for me to be dressed on the casual side. I tend to overdress sometimes.:-)))
    Also, I would like to say "good by" to you until Christmas. I am leaving to London tomorrow, you can read more in my Blog. I will miss you very much and will look forward to coming back and reading more great posts from you!:-)))

  2. Perfect post, darling! Love how you did a collage for both age groups with totally relevant pieces ~ genius! The college one is my fave. Very chic choices!


  3. wunderful collages. i don't have to wear a uniform. we could descide which outfit zu choice.

    i really like the book floor behind the outfits

  4. P.S. Darling, great news! You are the winner of CC's Wanderlusting Style Giveaway! Just email me at for details!



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