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fashion news, an award and 5 guilty pleasures

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Garance Dore & Vogue Paris

if you don't know who garance dore is, just google her. the whole fashion world is in love with her and her boyfriend the sartorialist, he's known for his streetstyle photos and she's known for her charming drawings and amusing blog entries.

as the years have went by garance has become increasingly famous and liked and this is definitely evidentint he fact that she will be having more frequent contributions on Vogue Paris's website and maybe in the magazine, focusing on the magazine's "Une fille, un style" ("A girl, a style") column, plus "behind-the-scenes coverage of fashion shoots, profiles of stylish women around the world in collaboration with French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and other subjects of her choosing."(according to fashionologie).

in addition to this garance will be launching a line with Gap for their pop-up store next month.

the following is from an article on Vogue UK's online site:

"Keen to stay at the edge of the market for the coming season, Robinson has enlisted the talents of celebrated illustrator and photographer Garance Doré, to curate an exhibition of her own work in its new London pop-up - and a lot else besides.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the label, Gap will make a pop-up appearance in London's Carnaby Street, with a concept store carrying a collection of exclusive denim styles and designer and artist collaborations. Doré has been described as the French version of The Sartorialist - and in fact is the girlfriend of the man himself, Scott Schuman.

"I'm a big fan of Gap; the way they focus on the individuality in their ads and creative collaborations has always attracted me," Doré told VOGUE.COM from holiday this morning. "It's also a place where I buy a lot of clothes, so I was very honoured when they proposed this collaboration - and it seemed super natural for me. I am also very inspired by the 40 years celebration of the brand: the beginning of the Seventies was such a fascinating time for fashion!"

The 1969 Gap concept store opens on September 10 - for 19 days and 69 hours only. Expect exclusives from Pierre Hardy, Albertus Swanpoel and Pharell Williams; jeans in aid of charity for just £19.69; and Doré's beautiful sketches popping up on T-shirts, amongst other fashionable happenings.

want to visit garance dore's internet realm? go to:

Katie Grand (editor in chief of LOVE magazine) thinks wearing white on your wedding day is stupid

she wore a brown snakeskin azzedine alaia dress to her wedding. she said she wanted to wear a dress to her wedding that she could wear again. alright, good for you katie grand, but that doesn't mean you have to write off wearing white on your wedding day. your wedding day is supposed to be special, and so is the dress. of course you can wear your wedding dress again if you want to, i thought you knew that mrs. fashion has no rules! nobody said that wearing a brown snakeskin dress (even if it's azzedine alaia) on your wedding day is stupid, even if they think it is. hmmmph. yes, i am slightly upset over her statement :)

the picture above is of katie grand on her wedding day. she does look good in the dress, no?

Lara Stone goes brunette!

i never imagined lara stone as a brunette, but she sure does look amazing as one! the normally blonde and bleach blonde eyebrowed model lara stone has went to the dark side. she graces the cover of vogue paris's september 2009 issue with beautiful swiss chocolate brown hair and dark eyebrows. she looks so good. this girl is sexy no matter her hair color!

Kanye West is not interning at Gap

Rumors have been going around that Kanye is designing a line for Gap but Patrick Robsinson, who is currently at the Gap helm, says that Kanye is just his friend and likes to hang out at Robinson's workplace and see what he does. Kanye has designed a successful men's shoe collection for Louis Vuitton and is obviously interested in fashion as he has been seen at many shows during fashion week and puts much thought into his outfits/getups.


I received an award from the amazing Anya Caliendo of and she is an AMAZING hat maker! AMAAZZZZINGGGGG! and she's also a very sweet person, one of the nicest people i've met through the blogosphere, even though almost all of the bloggers i've met are sweethearts. also, she recently had a contest on her blog where she was giving away a roberto cavalli skirt. i didn't win the roberto cavalli skirt, but i did win house of dior earrings! i never win ANYTHING. i'm not exaggerating, it's nearly impossible for me to win things, i don't know why...but anyway, i'm so happy to be able to receive the earrings and can't wait until i get them! thank you so much anya.

along with getting the award i have to list 5 guilty pleasures


guilty pleasure # 1

i love this chocolate bar SO MUCH. hershey's cookies 'n' creme is the best! white chocolate with crunchy chocolate cookie bits in it. yummm yummy! you must try it if you have never tasted this little piece of heaven before. i really shouldn't eat these things, my mom says i'm putting on weight and everytime i try to sneak these she manages to see me and then scold me for 5 minutes! she just doesn't understand, they taste so good. ;)

guilty pleasure # 2

hello, my name is zoe and i am addicted to the internet. this is another thing my mom scolds me about. i spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet. if i'm in the house...most likely i'll be on the internet.

guilty pleasure # 3

when i'm older and live on my own, i think that there is a pretty big chance that i might blow all of my money on shoes. slowly, i've been collecting shoes over my relatively few years of life. and guess what? i want more! i love cheap shoes, expensive shoes, colored shoes, printed shoes, high heeled shoes, flat shoes, men's shoes and women's shoes! i love shoes!

guilty pleasure #4

i think i've already mentioned this on my blog before...but, might as well mention it again! i love reality tv shows. love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. even if they're scripted, i just always like peering into somebody's life whether it be a reality tv show where you have to complete challenges or it's one about making it through life/trying to get a job/the fashion industry, etc. i find this funny because i'm not a nosy person, i don't go around asking people about what's going on in their lives and when i visit people's homes i don't rifle through their stuff or look through their medicine cabinet (that's rude!) but i really enjoy peering into the comical and amusing lives of anyone who chooses to take part in a reality tv show/competition.

guilty pleasure #5

singing and dancing to myself in the mirror, sometimes in my underwear but not always hahahaha :). i do it whenever i'm getting dolled up.

hope you enjoyed this gals!

picture credit from onsugar and google images


  1. Fabulous post, darling!
    Lara Stone looks fabulous as a brunette!
    And your 5 guilty pleasure are awesome ~ especially the shoes!
    Congrats on your award :)


  2. Loved reading this! The Gap pop-up store sounds like a great idea... I'll actually be in London around that time, so I'll report back! While I agree that a wedding dress doesn't have to be white (i.e. if a person really looks crappy in white, they should go for another color), I think her excuse sounds a little lame. She could have easily picked a white or cream dress that could be worn again (in fact, I've seen cream Alaia gowns that would have worked better than this). If she really doesn't like the color, fine, but I can't say I like her choice of dress... brown... really?

    Oh, the 5 obsessions were a fun read. Love Anya's blog! I still have to do the same tag as well :)

  3. Oh, I love Garance Dore's blog and her exquisite drawings. I also read those news on Vogue's website.
    I also left a little award for you on my blog, hope you like it.


  4. Dear Zoe, thank you for the amazing post! I enjoyed readying: it is so very informative and I usually learn something new every time I visit you. Your list of 5 Guilty pleasures is great!We share love for chocolates and shoes!!!:-)))) I am wishing you the best weekend ever + your fabulous earrings will go out in the mail tomorrow morning via Priority Mail:-)))


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