Friday, August 28, 2009

bebe loves balmain and alexander mcqueen


i love when i can recognize direct runway inspiration from designer runway shows in retail shops that a lot of women like to frequent. bebe loves to take inspiration from the runway and i smiled when i saw their sequin beaded ruched lace top for $89. it instantly reminded me of the beautiful balmain creation you can see to the left. selita ebanks looked great in that dress, you can see a picture of her in it in the top 10 best dressed celebs list on this site. bebe has also taken inspiration from the genius that is alexander mcqueen. they have made their own versions of his studded platform booties that go for around $1000. you can get the same look for $149 from i really love these shoes and want then in the black, silver and grommet versions.

so, which do you prefer? the knock off or the real thing?

usually when i do posts like this you prefer the real thing. for me, i prefer the real balmain dress and for the alexander mcqueen booties...if i was paying i'd just get the bebe versions because they're just as good even if the heel is slightly thicker than the mcqueens.


  1. Of course, the real thing is always better - and much less like to fall apart - but its always a ridiculously high price as well. I really like the pewter shade of the bebe booties - so perfect for fall!

  2. i also prefer the real. wow, mcqueen boots are so great.....

  3. Who doesn't prefer the real deal....but very few can actually afford it...i'd have to go with the knoock-offs!

  4. last year or so bebe was stuck on gucci. if you can afford the real deal get it, but if you can't i guess bebe will work too.

  5. Nice finds, darling!
    Of course, I prefer the real thing, but I could NEVER afford the beautiful Balmain, so I guess I'll have to settle for Bebe!


  6. Whoa! That bebe top has to be one of the world's most shameless pieces I think I've ever seen! It's an exact copy. It's not even like they tried to think up something new. Such a shame really. But when you think of it, if most of the things that Bebe made didn't come from runway looks and were thought up originally, Bebe would actually be innovative. I guess you can tell my answer by now - I prefer the real thing. ;)


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