Tuesday, August 11, 2009

forever 21 loves dkny

( side note: i was away from home for a little bit! on a much needed break. lots of things happened, and now i'm back! :) sorry for not replying...i didn't have any internet access or even a computer to go on. but that's a good thing for me, because i'm kind of addicted to the internet :/ anywho, here is a short and sweet entry...hope you enjoy)

i've had a few of these types of entries where i show forever 21 pieces that i have come across that resemble or just remind me of pieces i've seen on the runway. i really love the forever 21 dress featured in this entry and it is not an exact replica of the dkny dress, it differs in color and slightly in construction but it has enough of the main components of the dress to make it have the same fun, exuberant, stylish young feel that the dkny dress does!
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i really did enjoy the dkny spring 2009 collection. i loved the dot print that was featured many times in the show and the cute sneaker heels (they looked great on the models!) by sergio rossi. the dress is so cute with its navy and yellow polka dot print (the dots are blurred at the edges as are the dots on the f21 dress if you look closely), it's big side bow, short hem and lovely pockets.

the forever 21 dress is tauple and black with a lovely print and side ruching that sweeps into a cute bow. i especially love the bodice and the class it exudes despite it being such a short dress. the f21 creation is only $22.80. i couldn't find the dkny spring 2009 dress anywhere but i'm pretty sure it goes for much more than $22.80. which one would you buy?


  1. Zoe, great to see you back!Hope everything is well and you are doing OK. Well, I suppose we are all addicted to blogging to some degree.:-)))
    When it come to the dress, i have to say that I like DKNY version better than Forever 21, although both dresses are very chic. it is always about quality of design and execution to me. :-)))

  2. Nice rip-off spotting... love the original and copy!


  3. Dear Zoe, just thought I would stop by to let you know that I have received your answers for the Contest! Thank you so very much for participating in it. I will be keeping all submissions in secret until August 17th when the winner will be announced!:-)))Wishing you the best day ever!

  4. cute dresses! i am not surprised f21 copied this dkny dress. it is so cute and fresh.

  5. Dear Zoe, I would like to invite you to stop by my Blog to receive the "Divine Award" I created for you. And, yes , you are being tagged!:-)))


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