Friday, April 17, 2009

get the kings of leon look

one of my readers has asked me how to get a feminine kings of leon inspired look for summer. i had so much fun making this entry, because i thought that the request was such a great idea to go on. please feel free to ask me how to get any look, or just to put outfits together--because i absolutely love doing it, and sometimes it's quite difficult to think up themes on my own. hopefully you'll be inspired by the looks i've put together.
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in this collage there are three different looks. one in the upper left corner, one in the upper right corner, and one along the bottom of the graphic.

i absolutely love the look in the upper left corner. it's so gorgeous! the outfit is centered around the very feminine alice and olivia ruffle dress with raffia belt from i love the green color, the ruffles all along the dress and the flirty length of the dress. every other item in this ensemble is more masculine, or at least androgynous. for a more feminine kings of leon look you should have one item that's really feminine and the others should be pieces that a boy could wear, so that you really balance the feminine items and masculine items. i paired the dress with a s.w.o.r.d lucca leather jacket, pour la victoire charlie oxford flats (so cute! it's definitely a boy piece, but it can work on girls too), and edgy accessories such as the very intrigueing alkemie jewelry bat cuff and bop bijoux fringe bracelet. i am absolutely loving fringe right now, and think that this bracelet can add an edgy yet whimsical factor to many different looks. it can be used to dress down a very put together look or used to dress up a very casual look.

the look in the upper right hand corner is definitely more boyish than feminine but the canvas band skort for $24.99 from is the one decidedly feminine piece. i love skorts. i always have. when i was a little girl they were one of my favorite items to wear because you got to have the cuteness of a skirt with the comfortableness of a short. stella mccartney even featured skorts in her spring 2009 collection. the punk stud denim vest is another piece i really like. i like vests, and i like studs so this piece is the best of both worlds for me! you could wear this vest to add edge to any outfit, and it adds an element of embellishment and shine to this ensemble.

the pieces on the bottom of the graphic are all from now that one is in new york, i will definitely be referencing topshop a lot more in my entries. i really love the zebra zoom cape tee because it's so colorful, and the myriad of colors adds some playful girlish charm to the outfit. this summer i will definitely be sporting some frayed shorts and i love stud frayed hotpant that topshop offers. finish off the look with the arizona western ankle boot, disheveled hair and a half smile and you'll definitely look like part of the band...or a very well dressed groupie.

hope you enjoyed!


  1. I like this collage =) They're all great pieces!

  2. I love this idea! I adore all of these pieces but that fringe bracelet takes the cake for me!

  3. Fantastic collage and captioning! Love that punk-y vest!


  4. this collage is fantastic, i love than some punk too.


  5. LOVE the look up at the right- the vest is AMAZING! And I love the shoes and the tee =) Great post


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