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Magazine Entry: Part 1

To commemorate 200+ subscribers on xanga here is fashionforwarddd's second ever magazine entry where i compile different aspects of fashion such as fashions news, ensembles with different price points, etc. into a huge entry filled with oodles of goodness. i hope you enjoy and thanks for reading my blog. make sure to tell everyone you know about it. you can also find me at i'll be posting the same blogs here and on blogspot, so if the pictures don't load here you can go there or just read this entry on your subscriptions page. so if you prefer blogspot over xanga comment me there, or vice versa.

<3 me, the editor in chief of fashionforwarddd :)


first i started this every season tradition with my fave things for summer, then i did fave things for fall back in september and now that it's december and it's already started snowing here is my dish on my favorite things for winter! the goal for winter is to stay warm and look cute, and of course i wouldn't have any trouble doing that, just check out the goods!


all of these items cost a pretty penny, but are guarenteed to last because of the exquisite tailoring and fabrics they are made of, and of course they'll turn heads because they are the best of the best for this winter. you need a good coat to keep you warm when it's chilly outside--look no furhter than this marc by marc jacobs double breasted wool coat for $580 (from netaporter, as are all of these items). i am also very much in love with these giuseppe zanotti mirror embellished ankle boots. they look good coming and going and will keep all girls wtahcing you sashay down the street seething with envy because you have one fo the hottest shoes of this season. the shoes are so artistic, whimsical and sexy all at the same time. in winter at many events or outings many women opt for the trusty little black dress, try something different and be the girl in the little yellow dress with this nathan jenden miyamo organza dress for $2,750. you can wear it as is if you'll be partying in a warm building, or if you think you'll still get cold pair with a long sleeved top or turtleneck underneath (or even tights!). i love the deep green hue of the vanessa bruno flutter sleeve top and the luxe silk edging, along with the graham & spencer shrug and tank twinset. it's definitely an item that you could pull on, pair with jeans and look amazing for the days when you're feeling very uncreative and still want to look good. skinny jeans are great, but i love bootcut jeans and these true religions have a really nice cut and are heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough not to weight you down.

moschino always makes great pieces and this fishtail skirt from their cheap & chic line is no exception. and it comes with a belt! last but not least are the fendi borderline satin clutch, which has been worn by celebrities already such as january jones, and the emilio pucci lapin earmuffs. the earmuffs add such a delicious pop of color to any outfit and i love the classic yet modern look of the earmuffs.


here are some cheaper picks for winter! less money, equal fab factor. i love rachel pally's natalie dress. it's so chic and i love that it's fitted, seeing as body concious dresses are definitely in right now, and it's a nice bright color. short sleeved turtlenecks are a must, they can really make you look sophisticated without having to try too hard. you can get a cute one from charlotte russe for $10. and you could even wear that top with this beautiful ruched skirt for $59 from black pumps are a must and the steve madden vivvaa is just what you need to fill the black pump gap in your closet if you don't already have shoes like this. stay warm in the feminine belted wool coat for $99 from victoria's secret. i love the preppiness of the amalia striped u-neck from delias, and the edginess of the kensie liquid leggings from dillards. those leggins are $39, but if you're looking for cheaper ones has two great options to choose from. the jumbo pom pom beret and oversized downtown city bag tote in white are also great additions to your closet, and the white tote is modeled after the popular YSL downtown bag.


during winter our hair goes through a lot, freezing into icicles when we walk out into the air with our hair freshly washed, or getting even drier than it normally would between washes and conditioning, and sometimes we just shove it roughly under hats. all i have to say is: be good to your hair and it will be good to you!


for those blondes out there sunsilk blonde bombshell color boost is a fabulous product to use. it will keep your blonde hair from getting brassy and you only need to use a little at a time. for our curly haired bellas tresemme touchable curls shaping milk is perfect. and it's only $4.99 for a super big bottle. and all tresemme products have such a terrific smell (i love tresemme). curls need a lot of tender loving care and tresemme will aid you in the process of caring for them. for all kinds of hair: thin, thick, curly, wavy, straight--you should try out pativa replenishing hair masque for strength and moisture (for purchase from for $12.70). i've never tried the product, but its gotten good reviews and hair masques are necessary to prevent against split ends, unless you want to have you hair constantly cut (the only way to get rid of split ends if you already have them).

look at our beautifully haired celebs: (clockwise from mid left by the sunsilk tube): padma lakshmi, beyonce, lucy liu, mischa barton, mya, salma hayek, ashley olsen, and alessandra ambrosio. their hair glistens no matter the color because it's healthy. :) what do you use in your hair?


need to know what to wear to those winter parties whether it be at a friend's house or at a club/bowling alley/wherever? look no further than these options.

all of these sparkly numbers are from and under $34. my favorite out of all of these is the sassy sequin & mesh dress because it's sexy and quirky at the same time. mesh doesn't always look tasteful but it does here and i like that the waist is accentuated with the sash.

you can't go shoeless or bagless to a winter party! all the shoes featured are from the papoose is so chic because it's a peeptoe pump with a thick ankle tie, and the design is very original. i also love the color, and if you're wearing a black dress the red would be a great addition to your look. the lapel is also very nice because of it's inviting purple tones and trendy metallic detail and criss/cross straps. to keep your legs warm you can opt for the zarajoe boot which is leather at the bottom but has a buttery and velvety suede upper.

to keep your lipgloss, fragrance, gum or other necessities near make sure that you have small clutch that you can carry around without being weighed down and is made of something durable in case you spill something on it nothing will be absorbed. i love the options that target has, they even have a great white clutch by guest designer botkier for only $4.99!


winter parties are a great place to try new looks. try out a bright look at me pink for only $2 from sephora or sparkle packed eyeliner such as sephora glitter eyeliner that comes in many different colors to draw attention to your peepers.

for a party that will be packed with people opt for a bright, crisp scent that won't overwhelm but will invite people to talk to you. Fresh's Sugar Lemon to go is a great option because it has a nice subdued citrus scent. Aquolina pink sugar body spritzer has warmer and sweeter notes than fresh's option--but is a great scent to try because it is popular with young and old alike as can be seen by reading it's reviews on


this is the second time i've interviewed a reader, and i always love to do so because i find out even more about them! i'll be doing the same for my third magazine entry which will probably be out next year, tell me how you enjoyed it and go visit xsourapplewhorex and tell her how amazing she is! i'm sure you'll agree with me after reading her lovely interview.

1. What do you love about fashion?
I love the creativity that is such a large part of fashion. I love that fashion is not something simple, easy to categorize, or common; I love that it allows people to express themselves, or to find an aesthetic that makes them happy. I like having the ability to dress in so many different ways, to suit different moods and occasions. Sometimes I think people can take fashion almost too seriously – I don’t personally believe that’s the point of it ¬– but it’s incredible how an accessory or a garment can become so much more to you, help a bad day, boost your confidence, or remind you of someone or something meaningful. I also, of course, very much admire the incredible eye that certain highly gifted designers posses; they are absolute creative geniuses and understand color, shapes, details, etc. in a way that so many people just are not able to. Words cannot express the respect I have for the dedication of people in the industry and the fascination I feel when learning about the amount of work that goes into the construction of garments. Dresses can take weeks, months, as individual pieces of fabric are hand-sewn on round the clock until the optimum visual experience that the piece was intended to have is achieved – I love that, it shows such artistry. One other thing I love is the ability of fashion to reflect current culture, and the way fashion and music can be intertwined.

2. Who's your favorite designer? Why?
Well, I’m not much good at picking favorites in any area – food, books, etc – because I like so many, and the same hold true for this question. A few designers that I’m currently pretty taken with, though, are Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, and Philip Lim. I love Marc Jacobs for obvious reasons: his unabashed risk-taking, his interesting designs, his originality, and the way he can combine witty ideas with tasteful concepts, almost always in a coherent way. Both Zac Posen and Philip Lim I love simply because their designs are so fresh to me. Perhaps I like that all three men are so young and seemingly energetic. I find it very much shows through in their designs. I also love the label Marchesa. I don’t always tend to fall hard for entire lines that are overtly feminine, but I find that designs by Marchesa are always so enchantingly beautiful and absolutely impeccably constructed. I additionally really like Lanvin. The label Herve Leger seems to be quite trendy right now as well. I like the brand a lot, but I do think many of their designs only work when worn on certain people and in certain ways (to the right event, with the right accessories). I like Michael Kors because I met him once and like to pretend that that somehow qualifies he and I as acquaintances although I’m pretty much positive he has limited recollection of our encounter at this point. Also, I really like the labels Alice + Olivia, Alexander Wang!, and BCBG. And, while this is an obvious answer, I think as far as footwear goes, Christian Louboutin is unbeatable. I have a weird interest in John Galliano as a person, but I don’t quite know why.

marc jacobs
zac posen
philip lim

3. Who's your favorite fashion model? Why?
Ah, another “favorite” question. I suppose she’s perhaps “old news,” (relatively speaking) by now, but I think Gemma Ward is great. There’s just something about her! I’m a big fan of Chanel Iman too. Not only is she talented and wicked cute, I think a huge issue in the fashion industry is the lack of diversity, and she’s helping to improve that as her fame grows.

4. What would you change about the fashion world if you could?
Well, as mentioned, the lack of diversity in the industry is disconcerting to me. I do see it improving, and models of many nationalities have found success, but I wish that there wasn’t such a predominant aesthetic in the high fashion modeling world, or at least that it wasn’t one involving any particular race. I’d like to see models also, of any nationality, that are simply different from the most “popular” models right now get some more attention. I’d like to see some girls walk the runway who aren’t way too young for the industry, completely dead in the eyes, and perpetually unhappy-looking. It’s not that I mean to disrespect girls who may have those qualities and are working right now, I just don’t see why that’s become the indefinite standard.

5. What do you think about Anna Wintour?
I don’t have an incredibly strong opinion on her. I respect her success, and that’s about it. I find her a little intimidating also, not solely because of her fame but more because she just seems a tiny bit scary, but as I have obviously never encountered her personally I feel like that’s not totally justifiable.

6. If you could have Anna Wintour's job/trade places with her for one day what would you do?
I’d like to think I’d do something really interesting and substantial, but more than likely I’d just flirt with male models, go through her entire closet, and steal every item I could find at the VOGUE offices.

7. Talk to us about your personal style, what do you wear on a day to day basis?
My personal style is ever evolving. I’m not lofty enough to think I’m the best-dressed person ever or anything ridiculous, but I can happily say I find my style to be indefinable. I don’t dress to fit a single persona, label/stereotype, or image. I really don’t think about those things when I shop, and I buy what I like and can get my hands on – those two are my main criteria – not what fits into a certain category. I of course am drawn repeatedly to certain things, but in general my style is drawn from many different concepts, ideas, interests, and occasionally trends, which I then try my best to blend in a way that is coherent and wearable enough for high school. As I’ve gotten older my interest in the industry has increased very dramatically, and I’ve also started much more to simply wear what I want unselfconsciously. At the same time, I try to stick to things that I feel are flattering and not too avant-garde (especially for my age) as opposed to just things I find interesting conceptually but have zero use for. I’m quite lucky because my body type is easy to shop for and I can wear a lot of different things, so I just look for things that are cool, for a lack of a better word, and that I’m going to be comfortable and confident wearing. I like to grunge down a more “girly” outfit a little with certain small touches, or soften up a more hard outfit slightly. Because I feel my personality is complicated and has many layers, I try to express that with fashion by wearing outfits that incorporate different aspects of my personality and interests. I don’t want to give off a one-dimensional vibe. I try to get creative and find ways to use items other than just how they were intended without it looking like I did so. One of my belts is black leather with subtle but interesting faded-brass hardware, and it’s actually the long strap of a purse I took off because I didn’t use it. It’s adjustable and convenient, and I always get compliments on it ¬– people can never tell it isn’t actually a belt.

8. What do you think the biggest trend for 2008 was/is?
You know, I don’t really know. If I’m speaking not about runway trends but more common ones among people not in the industry, I think it very much varies based on the area. Despite predictions that it would be a brief trend, I think that the skinny jean style is looking like it’s going to stick around for a while. A number of people have been playing around for some time now with high-waisted jeans. At the same time, I don’t know if either of those are the absolute “biggest” trend of the year. I guess gladiator sandals have been pretty popular. They’re not really new, but have taken a while to trickle down and become more common, and then they sort of became a craze upon hitting that point. Where I live, big scarves worn tied behind the neck have become really popular amongst various groups of people, because the style can be, depending on the specific scarf, the wearer, and the outfit, both polished or sort of “indie”-looking, but the trend also is prevalent in the hip-hop culture, so it’s often worn a la Lil Wayne with some dark wash jeans and fresh kicks.
Pete Wentz Picture

9. What stores do you recommend shopping at?
I don’t like the idea of having a favorite store, but I do – Urban Outfitters. I’m kind of (and by “kind of” I mean “really”) obsessed with it. I also love Free People, Anthropologie, American Apparel, and Nordstrom. J.Crew is really nice; it took me a while to give this store a chance, but now very much I’m in love with it. Bloomingdales is another good one, and Forever 21 can be a good option sometimes. I tend to be a proponent of online shopping, and I shop at all the stores I previously mentioned online, but the best site that’s online-only is probably Depending on your budget and the item it can get pricey, but they have a huge selection of apparel and accessories that are fantastic. I really like to shop while on vacation a lot too; I love finding stores that are either not chains and have a single location, or just that don’t have a location close to home (but that’s harder to find). Aside from just having a fresh selection of clothing and/or accessories, I think everybody likes to be able to get something with the absolute knowledge that nobody else they know has it. My last tip would be to just broaden your options – go to the thrift store, shop in the boys’ section (I’ve been known to do that one a lot!), try somewhere new, accept a hand-me-down, or even make something or alter something you’ve purchased.

10. What beauty products do you use?
My only beauty essentials are SoftLips chapstick and mascara. I usually wear more than those, but I am very comfortable leaving the house in just mascara. I’ve changed the one I use a number of times, but right now I use an Estee Lauder one called MagnaScopic. Honestly, I don’t really know what the “best” mascara is, but I tend to just stick to a decent one in black when I find it until it runs out. As far as other products, I like Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay a lot for eyeshadows. My mom has beautiful clear skin, and I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit that (although hers is still better than mine). Because of that, I don’t ever use foundation or concealer. Instead, I sometimes use (but I usually forget or don’t have time to put on) Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer, which I would recommend to absolutely anyone. It’s very light, protects your skin against sunlight, and matches your skin tone so that it evens it out without being thick or acting as a foundation. However, it generally won’t hide something like acne, because it’s not a foundation, just as a warning. When I use bronzer, it’s Urban Decay Baked in Toasted. If I wear lipstick, it’s always stolen from my mom or older sister. In terms of gloss, it varies, but my nicest ones are a Chanel in a sort of nude shade and a subtle Bobbi Brown one. Outside of those, I have a few cheap ones that I actually like just as much, mostly in pinkish-clear shades. As stated, though, I often just use chapstick – I’m maybe a little bit unhealthily attached to mine (during fire drills, the only things I take with me are my cell phone and my SoftLips). When I use eyeliner, I often just get it from the drugstore and look for one with a narrow point that I usually sharpen (with a basic eyeliner sharpener) and use until it’s gone before getting another. One good hair product I would advise is a hair mask, which is something you use either once a week, two weeks, or a month (just ask someone who knows what they’re talking about at the salon or wherever how often they recommend) in place of your normal conditioner but is left on for longer before rinsed out (again, it depends: some people say 30 minutes, but you can leave it in overnight, especially if you only use it once a month). It’s really beneficial to the condition of your hair and works to replenish it and lock in moisture, so it helps to counteract damage, prevent split ends, and just improve your hair’s overall health. And for people who use hot tools, always use a protecting product first!

11. What do you like about fashionforwarddd, what would you like to see more about?
I like that fashionforwarddd appeals to people of different styles and budgets. I enjoy the fact that the site is acutely in tune with high fashion, but doesn’t give off a snobbish air and finds interesting ways to translate runway looks and trends to options for people that are more accessible or practical, but not at the cost of the original aesthetic or the sophistication of it. I found the Fashion Week coverage phenomenal, and the comments on each collection mentioned to be articulate and sharp. I don’t think there is one area where I have a particularly great interest for fashionforwarddd to expand upon. I like the variety in the posts and the way the site functions at present.

12. What do you think will be different in the fashion world 10 years from now? Will we all be wearing spacesuits?
Honestly, it’s possible! It’s very difficult to say how the industry will evolve and what will be the most popular trends. I think that fashion, like other art forms, is always in motion. Designers are constantly crafting new concepts and the world itself is continually advancing, developing, and changing, so the industry will always be doing the same. As much as fashion changes on a day-to-day basis, it is supported by a fairly solid, stable infrastructure that I feel is based on tastefulness and certain immortal fashion innovations. Though trends pop and fade out at an incredible rate, most every designer’s ultimate aspiration is to be able to produce garments that are timeless both literally (the specific garment itself always being seen as beautiful) and conceptually (the idea behind the garment). So in ten years, of course we will all be dressing differently from the way we are today, but I also think that certain constants will withstand the test of time and carry into the next decade and many decades to follow. I’m not going to wake up in the morning ten years down the road and put on the same outfit I will tomorrow, but I feel style is not something comprised of the newest trends, but is something that is able to stay current as trends change without following them or fitting into a mold. I like to think of style as something that evolves more than just changes rapidly. So, to make a long story short, I think fashion will be totally different in ten years, but I also think people may be more surprised by the ways in which it stays the same than all the ways in which it does not.

13. What's your favorite color?

14. Who are your top ten best dressed people (celebs, it-girls, normal people, w/e)?
I guess this is kind of a boring answer, but I really don’t have a top ten. One of my best friends is very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to fashion, but I don’t know whom I would consider the best-dressed person I know. In terms of celebrities, I don’t have one celebrity that I feel always makes perfect choices. I don’t love Mary-Kate Olsen’s outfits half the time, but she wears a lot of individual pieces I really like, and I think both she and Ashley Olsen, though their fashion choices have been criticized, understand and appreciate the industry very well. I think their projects in the industry have also been fantastic and they show that they understand fashion, unlike some celebrities who are more eager just to put their name on a product they have little to do with to gain money. I tend to be inspired more by individual looks or pieces than by one person in particular. I admire the style of many people, both famous and non, but of course I’m going to like certain things that other people do not and vice versa, even if we both have generally similar taste. To me, the best-dressed people out there are just people who love fashion and the fashion industry not for reasons that are pretentious but because they appreciate it as an art form. I love anyone’s style who can pull off something unusual, who can put things together effortlessly, who has an open mind, and who enjoys fashion simply because it’s fun! I wish people didn’t think fashion was exclusive to a certain label or way of dressing. The website is one place where I find a lot of inspiration and is a melting pot of fashionable people from all corners of the world. It’s filled with self-submitted photographs of young people that display their favorite outfits and allow them to both connect with other fashion-conscious people and express their own idea of what looks good. The website is selective but displays photographs of all different people dressed in all different ways. I could easily find ten amazingly-dressed people on there!

15. What are your fave fashion magazines?
I subscribe to Teen Vogue and Nylon. I don’t always get to read it, but I like the magazine i-D. I also often read VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, or Glamour.

16. Do you think music influences fashion?
Absolutely. I love being able to see art forms work together and play off each other in such a way. I also think fashion draws influence from and is influenced by so many other things, but music is a primary area with which fashion interacts.

17. Alexander Wang won the CFDA vogue fashion fund award, what do you think about that?
I’m happy about it. Many designers and aspiring designers posses a lot of potential, but I feel Alexander Wang is one who has consistently proved he has the ability to transfer his potential into tangible results with sophisticated execution. I think he’s an inspiration because of his immense success at such a young age – success I feel is the deserved product of raw talent. I have confidence that he will be able to make the most of this prestigious award and surpass expectations.

18. Are leggings pants?
Haha, this one made me smile. Uh, no, they’re definitely not. I think leggings can work with a lot of outfits and look good, but they are such an abused item! I constantly see leggings worn in such odd and unflattering ways, and while they can sometimes look good with an outfit where pants could be worn in their place, that does not mean they can replace pants in any outfit.

19. Anything else to say?
Just to thank you for asking me to do this! I’m really flattered, and as a disclaimer I just want to say I know that I don’t know everything about fashion and I don’t claim to have written the book on it – it’s based far too much on interpretation for there to be set rules. I hope people enjoy reading this, and thank you again!

look forward to part two of the magazine issue soon!


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