Friday, December 26, 2008


6 days away from the new year! let's look at 6 cool male celebrities (more specifically, actors) who have done well in 2008.



james mcavoy- i developed a slight crush on him when i saw him with keira knightley in atonement. he played his character really well, and with such great intensity. i especially loved it when his character would break out of being serious and crack a smile. anyway...not only did he do a great job in atonement but his work has been acclaimed in other projects such as the last king of scotland, wanted, and penelope. he was also really cute as mr. tumnus in the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. i hope to see more of his work soon!

robert pattinson- mr. pattinson is my most recent crush. i find him incredibly interesting, not just because he plays the dreamy and impossibly perfect in every way edward cullen in the hit movie twilight (the books are amazing, if you haven't read some of them, please do!), but because all of his interviews are so funny! google robert pattinson and you'll doubtless find many fan sites where you can see and read his interviews or you might find links to the actual interviews. he has an amazingly refreshing self-deprecating sense of humor, and he doesn't seem hung up on his looks even though he's very handsome. look forward to seeing more of pattinson in a film about salvador dali entitled little ashes and in new moon coming in 2009.

brad pitt- seems to get more famous as the years go on. he's one half of the power couple most call brangelina, and he seems like a great dad to his biological children as well as adopted children. he's acted in many well known and loved films, including the recently released the curious case of benjamin button and has initiated a project with beauty brand kiehl's to produce biodegradable soaps. in addition to doing all of that he has a project where he builds new houses in new orleans. he oversees both the design of the houses and the building progress. and i'm sure he'll add more to his shining list of glory soon, because it seems that he loves to be busy. :)

will smith- i think this man should have received an oscar by now. he's really smart with picking his movie roles and usually all of her movies are blockbusters. his most recent work is 7 pounds. it didn't do that well in the box office, due to hard economic times, but that still doesn;t take away from his skill as an actor. i loved him on the fresh prince of bel-air and i still watch the re-runs whenever i can. i loved him in one of his earlier works, 6 degrees of seperation. he played someone totally different from him, and did a great job. mr. smith is pretty much good at everything. i also respect him because his marriage has lasted a good while for hollywood standards and he helps his kids make good decisions when it comes to movie roles as well.

corbin bleu- ok...don't shoot me...but i've never watched any of the high school music movies. sometime soon i'll get my brother to netflix them and i'll watch them, but they never really had any appeal to me. and plus i don't have disney channel anymore so...yeah. anyway. when i first saw corbin bleu i didn't think much of him, but as i continued to see excerpts of hsm works i realized he was a good singer, and a good dancer, and he was kind of cute! i don't know if he'll have success beyond hsm but it was a smart career move for him to join on the team.

ed westwick- he is now unbelievably famous for his portrayal of chuck bass on gossip girl. ed was made for the role. i can't picture anyone else who would be better. he also has his own band, and like robert pattinson an alluring british accent. i hope he gets to do some film work because he seems so talented to be able to play such a deeply troubled and multi faceted character such as chuck bass. when he speaks his eyes convey a lot of what he's feeling and he has good presence on the screen.


so, hope you guys enjoyed this post as well! did you agree with my list? who do you think i should have added? btw, i updated my picture, icons, and graphics site fabfash. go and get your fashion image fix over there.


  1. ED WESTWICK! *swoon* :)
    I love your blogger icon by the way. Liya is amazing.

  2. I agree with your list! yummy like pie :)



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