Tuesday, December 23, 2008


yesterday you all enjoyed an entry that featured 10 amazing items from netaporter. today on the 9th day away from the new year feast your eyes on 9 hair products, ideas and doodads to improve on your hair quality and hair wear.


i'm obsessed with obtaining bumble and bumble creme de coco products. i've never used them, but everytime i read a magazine or a hairstylist interview they always rave about the effectiveness of b&b creme de coco prducts or just bumble and bumble in general. and if products didn't work. then nobody would talk about them right? well these work, because it seems they're all i hear about. i am officially putting this bumble and bumble creme de coco gift set on my wishlist. for those gals with long, luxurious locks this tourmaline infused round brush with boar bristles will help you to maintain shine in your hair. boar bristles are known for making locks soft and shiny because of a natural oil with which they are infused, and round brushes are always recommended by hairstylists for getting a bouncy/wavy look.

i am also in love with the infinity nano silver straightener because it actually has real silver (how glam!) and a 1" ceramic plate that can create a range of styles. smaller plates allow you to straighten or wave your bangs or shorter hairs on your hairline for a sleeker look. hair extensions are often frowned upon, but lots of celebrities wear them and so do most models, for the outrageous looks they have to carry on the runway. extensions can give you a natural look and if you're waiting for your hair to grow back and don't want to look too awkward in the growing out phase, bits of extensions can give you the look you desire.

feather headbands have become very popular recently but a lot of people can't pull them off, and i know this because walking down the street i see so many girls with weird feather headbands and they all look slightly psychotic. i like the idea of feather headbands, but seeing how they are kind of hard to pull off if you don't have enough confidence and if you don't have a certain look i think everyone should turn their attention to beaded headbands like beaded applique headwrap for $24 at urbanoutfitters.com i highly recommend oscar baldni pronto dry shampoo to go $11 from sephora.com. for those with a kooky and cute sense of style use these julis barrette's from karmaloop nto spruce up your look, and if you're just having a bad hair day wear a hat--don't fight fate. try this cute beret for $8.99 from charlotterusse.com

note to readers: my internet/computer is acting so stupidly. this is my third time rewriting this entry and trying to post it. you can only imagine how frustrating that is. to put it simply, i'm royally pissed. but i did promise you guys daily entries up until the new year, and i do want to make good on that promise. so that will probably involve hijacking my brother's internet connection. i don't know how this will work out, but i'll try my best.

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  1. i love this post!! :) merry christmas eve, darling!

    La C.


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