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we are now four days away from a new year. are you excited? are you reflective? are you scared? whatever you this entry, it could add some useful bit of knowledge to your day. here are the four things that every girl should have in her closet.

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1. a tailored coat

this classic wool coat from victoria's secret for $59.99 is cheap by most's standards, comes in a variety of colors and has a very flattering and current shape, yet still has a classic cut. it would look great over pants or dresses/skirts, and has long sleeves and a reasonable collar to be functional enough to keep you warm. i also love the cute tab details at either side of your waist so that it can give the illusion of a smaller waist. the two roomy pockets at the front are a nice touch too. if you're on your way out you can tuck your keys or lipgloss in there and keep them close to you for the whole day. every girl should have a tailored coat in her closet NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. people in warm climates need coats too, for when it gets windy or rainy, or for when they travel to cooler locales. when you have a classic coat in your closet you can feel safe to try out any weird trends in outwerwear knowing that you still have a classic to fall back on. and pieces like this can help ground an outfit.

2. a little black dress

we all know that every girl should have a little black dress in her closet. if you didn't know that until this moment, that's quite sad...but at least you know that now. i really like this little black dress by flip from because of the monochrome embellishments at the waist, the swinging hemline and the fact that even though it is spaghetti strapped the straps still look sturdy. the dress also looks good from the back, if you visit the site you'll see that the spaghetti straps form an "X" at the back. it's a nice and unexpected touch to every girl's standby: the little black dress.

3. show stopping shoes

you can get black pumps anywhere, but what's even more important than having reliable black pumps is the need to have show stopping shoes. i love the sexiness of these report signature women's flow dress sandals. i love the light grey color and the delicate t-strap. these shoes can be worn in the summer or you could wear them in late fall and winter with opaque black or dark grey tights and look like a burberry model.

4. bootcut jeans

skinny jeans are everywhere, but as i've said before, bootcut jeans will probably always be my favorite. they look great with boots, they look great with heels, they look great with flats--you've just got to love them. they don't have the exagerrated bell shape that flares have but they're roomy enough to slightly elongate your leg. i like flap pockets so i was drawn to these hudson bootcut jeans from you can definitely get bootcut jeans cheaper from places like charlotte russe (their jeans are actually cut really nicely), american eagle or old navy, but for those girls who only do premium, these hudsons are a nice choice.

if you don't have these things in your closet get these items now! you'll thank me later. :)

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  1. the little black dress is always an essential. I love your lists! :)

    if I met any of those guys I'd be too nervous to speak LOL i am that way around famous people anyway..

    Thanks for the comment. and yes that is my absolute favorite royksopp song. :) hope you like it!



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